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Discussion in 'Fortnite Talk' started by Dekades, Apr 20, 2018.

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  1. BlueTyger

    BlueTyger New Member

    I use the bindable keys on my mouse as my wall, ramp, and floor, and F for Pyramid.
  2. Bryan_1622

    Bryan_1622 New Member

  3. BlueTyger

    BlueTyger New Member

    No, what?
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  4. Th3Pr0d1gy777

    Th3Pr0d1gy777 Member

    fortnite is cancerous
  5. Metiks

    Metiks New Member

    the new season is so cool i like the thing that the map an the game did not change that much so it is the same and something else on the same time.
  6. ffoodfun

    ffoodfun Member

    I agree in plague inc I made a bacteria named Fortnite. It dominated in like 15 minutes XD
  7. Th3Pr0d1gy777

    Th3Pr0d1gy777 Member

    people say congrats because they dont know how to spell kungrrajulshiunsh so congrats
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  8. MayconQ

    MayconQ New Member

    You guys haven't talked for a while
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  9. Killua827

    Killua827 New Member

    Fortnite müll geworden
  10. Killua827

    Killua827 New Member

    only problems with mobile games
  11. Talqn

    Talqn New Member

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  12. BlueTyger

    BlueTyger New Member

    Welp, unsurprisingly, I am confused again.
  13. MagicBoop

    MagicBoop New Member

    This thread needs to be revived! love seeing those clips
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