Lift-off distance problems.

Discussion in 'Mice and Surfaces' started by IncuBB, Feb 9, 2018.

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  1. IncuBB

    IncuBB New Member

    Ok. So i bought Deathadder Elite today in desperate attempt to finally let my old mouse rest in peace...
    But when i started to use Razor - i was TERRIBLY dissapointed.
    I mean wth???

    This lift-off distance is HUGE.
    With my old mouse i was have to lift her above the surface for a couple of MILIMETRES.
    With Razer i have to lift mouse a LOT higher.

    Im sorry, but this is definatly NOT what i expect from a 100 dollars mouse.

    Just look at this case in my way:
    old mouse cost is 17 dollars and it's doing her job
    new mouse cost is 100 dollars and it's NOT doing her job

    Razer... What the hell?

    I'v already tried to adjust lift-off distance and it's still unforgivabe high.
    Any cooments Razer?
  2. Ohlam

    Ohlam New Member

    try to unistal and reinstall synapse 3, then rest the mouse and calibrate lift-off range and mouse mat surface
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