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Linux drivers: Serious question

Discussion in 'The Linux Corner' started by Adrian Lopez_no_id, Apr 30, 2018.

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  1. Adrian Lopez_no_id

    Adrian Lopez_no_id New Member

    How it's possible that a company valued in more than $6.3 billion doesn't have money to hire a single developer to work on Linux drivers? I'd like to know the answer. Thank you for your time.
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  2. Panaman

    Panaman New Member


    It is insane. Especially after the CEO tweet about supporting Linux. IDK if he knows he cant just tweet it, his company actually has do do something...
  3. Paladinleeds

    Paladinleeds New Member

    There's a community of developers creating Razer drivers for Linux. Maybe he could reach out to them and offer them work getting devices to officially support Linux (rather than unofficially). Maybe they could even get chance to develop Razer Synapse for Linux. Now that'd be a beauty, I'd love to actually develop stuff using Linux, but as someone with more Razer devices than sense (and given this is a Razer fan forum, that's going to drill home the point!). But if Min pulls a Sega and hires these people, it'll be great.

    For reference, Sonic has a huge fanbase of people developing fan games from the blue blur... Sega's reaction was to take one of the biggest people in the community (Christian Whitehead) and said to him, alright, you work for us now, use your passion and energy to create a Sonic game people will love. And thus Sonic Mania was born. Maybe Min could do the same to really support Linux?
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  4. Panaman

    Panaman New Member

    +1 I agree. That would be awesome.

    Wish we heard from official staff more often though..... IDK, to me this forum seems like a place they gave us to be in isolation. At least I haven't heard of anything from staff since Min's tweet all those months ago...
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