Linux on Blade Pro 17

Discussion in 'The Linux Corner' started by Aistuleja, Dec 17, 2019.

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  1. Aistuleja

    Aistuleja New Member


    Just got the blade Pro and have Linux installed on the WSL.

    I am after turning to Linux and the remote desktop on my own machine in WSL isn't cutting it.

    I note a lot of forum threads I have seen are now a year out of date.

    I am looking at installing Mint on my machine so I can get an easy move from windows.

    Can it be done yet or are there still hardware issues with the blade, Blade Pro to be specific.

    Also if its possible, some instructions on any changes would be welcome.
  2. dagbdagb

    dagbdagb New Member

    It depends on what kernel MInt ships with and how eager they are to backport drivers to their preferred kernel.
    Wifi (AX200) got supported around kernel 5.1, while ethernet got the required bits in 5.4.0-rc7 or so. Here talking about upstream kernels from

    The touchpad can be slightly tricky, and hybrid graphics causes some gray hairs to most.

    I have stuff mostly working on my RBP17, although on Gentoo Linux. I am documenting what I find here.
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