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Discussion in 'Systems' started by JigglinJenkins, Jan 3, 2020.

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  1. JigglinJenkins

    JigglinJenkins New Member


    Roughly 18 months ago I started a new job that requires 1 - 2 weeks a month of travel, because of this I decided to purchase a razer blade pro. Works great for traveling but now I want to find a good solution for at home.

    When home I have it hooked up to my TV for single player games but the only problem is the laptop is so loud once I launch a game. It can be kind of a mood killer during cutscenes and quiet sections listening to the super loud fans.

    I also have a desktop downstairs that I use for multi-player games that I used to use s steam link with to play on the TV but wanted better quality.

    I am looking to find out if,
    A) Do solutions exist for making a laptop less noisy?

    B) Should I look at getting a Core X? Are these loud as well? Will the load being shifted make the laptop less noisy? I like core idea as I can swap my desktop gpu between the TV and desktop.

    C) For less noisy setup should I just go back to having a console? (would rather not)
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  2. iDATUS

    iDATUS Active Member

    Hello and welcome to the forum,
    A) Throttlestop, check my postings on this channel or my YouTube Channel.
    B) You need to find out if its the CPU or GPU that's making your laptop noisy. If its the CPU then refer to A) if it the GPU then MSI Afterburner. Check my content again for help.
    Windows Task Manager in the first instance will help you to narrow it down.

    C) Rather than console you could find a larger unit that has more air freedom, mini PC or Fatter Cheaper Laptop
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  3. Dekades

    Dekades Community Cowboy Staff Member

    This is something I struggle with myself, even more so recently.

    A powerful piece of hardware, compacted down to a slim size like a Blade is going face real world challenges and it's not exclusive to the Blade or Razer alone.

    I have an Nvidia Shield that I use to stream to my TV so I totally get it. You'll face similar noise levels with a Core X because the fans on the cards themselves can get loud.

    I'm curious to see what people do to keep their laptops cool other than undervolting and laptop coolers/pads, in which the latter does more to keep the chassis cooler than the actual internals.
  4. iDATUS

    iDATUS Active Member

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