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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by basesharpShadowBlue346, Sep 24, 2020.

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  1. I am planning on doing architecture in college with the main program being cad. I’ve been looking for a gaming laptop but can also serve as a great work laptop when the time comes. I noticed razor has a lot of options when it comes to specs. I was hoping someone hear can tell me which one is best for cad, and which one is the lowest I can go
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    Honestly, I'd hold off buying a razer laptop until they start putting in Ryzen chips into them.
  4. JulianKapa

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    It depends on what you want - screen size, storage, etc are up to personal preference. For the CAD software, look up the recommended specifications to run it. If you're only doing 2D CAD, a base Razer laptop would be fine (I used 2D CAD on my near 10 year old PC with an i7 870). 3D CAD might even run fine on a base Razer laptop, as they already have relatively high end components to start with.
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    I second on that thought, the main key factor would be its purpose (i.e. light/heavy gaming, entertainment, productivity, work, etc.). Following that you would factor in the desired hardware that you are seeking, like the graphics card and the processor, your minimum and maximum (for example, RTX 2070 as a minimum to RTX 2080 Super as my maximum preference for GPU).

    Once you have gotten them, you could list down your accessible and expansion options, such as the number of USB ports, connectivity options, external storage, additional memory, etc.

    For your case, if you're going for CAD, you could start off from Razer Blade 15 Base as your minimum and decide on your fixed options first. After that, the additional optional upgrades could come in later, such as your internal SSD, RAM upgrades.
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