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Looking for some help getting credit for zSilver Achievements

Discussion in 'Razer Gold & Silver' started by frankthetank305, Feb 14, 2018.

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  1. Ive tried to tag a mod in another thread about this but no response in a few days so I will try here. Since pay to play is going down I wanted to try and earn other ways. I have a ton of trophies that I should of gotten but still havent been awarded. From no credit for my new Gunmetal Blackwidow to updating my specs, and uploading play of the game on Overwatch and more I can load a list of the ones Ive seen so far. Is there some where I should go to get my silver? I am getting close to those metallic keys or maybe I can get to a new lancehead before I just break down and buy one... Any help is appreciated! And PS, I really really like the pid to play and wish it could stick around. These are the trophies I havent been awarded but have completed
    Hoist the Colors
    Show your Razer Chroma colors
    Participate in Razer Synapse 3 beta
    Ready for Battle
    Upload a photo of your setup
    Get on the Hype Train
    Publish a post in a feature thread
    Team Kill, Spray, Emote.
    You've shared an Overwatch Play of the Game/Highlight


  2. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    If you click on the big link in the upper right of the page that says "Rewards" some of the trophies need you to find them in the list and actually click "Claim zSilver" in order to finish the process, while others will be auto-collected.

    Also, please do keep in mind that some of those can't be credited without an official Razer staff member seeing your posts and activating it manually, and those you need to be certain that you've posted in the very specific threads created just for that purpose.

    It can take some time for them to activate as well. The forum is one system, Cortex is another and Synapse is yet another - they don't all save data and share data at the same times so there can be some issues with it taking a while to sync. If you do not have the trophies that should have been automatically given then you are welcome to send a private message to either Razer|WolfPack or Razer|Gwynbleidd and have them look into it for you.
  3. Hey Good Morning, Thanks for the response... I think youre the first mod that I was able to get to see my posts tried sending a pm to Gwynbleidd the other day in response to accumulating some of the zSilver that I "think" i earned although Im not quite sure what some of the requirements are for some...ie the advocate trophies. Im sure with the closing of the paid to play system which seems to of stopped working early, at least for me anyway there is a mad dash to claim what is left to give out of the program and its probably a little crazy in the Razer World. I have left some posts in other places in late night delirium/boredom for like the overwatch play of game, and pics of my setup to no avail. I I guess Ill just hang tight and wait and see. I contacted live chat to see what they could do and they seem like a different arm of the company with not too much knowledge of the system. This all seems like a pretty tricky system that is quite tricky which I am assuming is why it is being disbanded. I can see how some of the more unreasonable members have resorted to extreme measures that I have read about in other posts because it can be quite frustrating thinking you are entitled to something you think you have earned. I also can see the flaws in the system, probably number one that it is most definitely the most generous and easily obtainable reward program when compared to say gamestop. At the same time the price tag on the rewards are also MUCH higher than some so it is not a far stretch to say that some members have left threatening comments, hurtful messages, so on and so forth. It really just is a shame how the most well intentioned things get destroyed because of the ugly side of human nature by people who spend the least amount of money and expect the most in return. Of course that is all just an assumption but still probably accurate none the less. It really would be nice to see the program continue because there are some more things Id like to own, but ultimately I just went out and purchased the stuff I just reallyyyyy had to have xD. Anyways... this post has rambled on far too long and I am at work, but If you are one of the insider mods that live chat says can help, shoot me a pm othewise ill just wait and see what develops over the next few days with some of the messages I have send/posts I have created. Have a wonderful day!

  4. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    For those you just need to be knowledgeable and assist numerous other members with their issues, and eventually you'll be awarded the trophy for being so helpful.

    This would be true. The Live Chat and the official Razer support teams have virtually nothing to do with the forums, entirely different teams. As far as I am aware we only have WolfPack and Gwynbleidd as official staff assigned to work Insider, though there are other staff members who choose to come and help their respective products on their own time.

    I agree with you completely. It's very unfortunate how things have turned out. Though, I am hoping that Min finds a way to bring the P2P system back to completely revamped and new. However, the whold zVault and zSilver programs will continue regardless. So, we will still have zSilver, the zVault and the catalog of rewards indefinitely. Those are not being suspended. It may be more challenging to obtain the zSilver for a while until some adjustments are made, but it's not going away.

    As for being helpful - there's a lot that we mods can do on Insider, but unfortunately giving the trophies is not one of them. So, your best bet there is to wait on the response from Gwynbleidd - or even add on a new message to your existing PM with him letting him know that you're not trying to be pushy, but you did want to make sure he even saw the note. He or WolfPack are the two here who can assist in manipulating the trophies/awards. :)

    I hope it's all able to be straightened out soon, good luck!!
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  5. Love how eloquently you are able to sort through and file my late night ramblings/poor grammar. That is a talent you should compensated handsomely for. Pure magic. There should be a trophy just for that.
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  6. H00dy

    H00dy Well-Known Member

    Damn :) that was good :thumbsup:
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  7. RoxyDzey

    RoxyDzey New Member

    how did you got the
    "Get on the Hype Train
    Publish a post in a feature thread" one? english is not my primary language so im not sure that i understand what to do to get this one..
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  8. SniperGenesis

    SniperGenesis New Member

    @frankthetank305 Did you claim your rewards? Sometimes i get a notification that i lost the connection to ZVault and need to log in again. Even if i finished the task i get my reward on the following day, so maybe you should just wait.
  9. Dekades

    Dekades Community Cowboy Staff Member

    Hey everyone, moving forward, please PM me, do not make a post, regarding achievements that aren't being received. Sometimes it's due to a bug, or a detail you may be missing. Sometimes they don't fire and others do in-fact take time. Due to the potential volume of requests I anticipate to receive: I cannot make any promises that you'll get a response or your achievement will get unlocked.

    With that in mind, please don't spam any other Razer Staff members or Mods regarding your achievements, if anything it may only hurt your case. And if you get awarded one achievement but not another it may be because you missed an important detail in the achievement requirements.

    Ideally, you'll provide a list and links to the corresponding posts. Please refrain from asking about a single achievement each time it doesn't award. I will consider that spam and that spam will only get you canned. I prefer my spam with an egg on buttery toast and not in my inbox :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye_:

    Let's all work together to make this a great place for discussions all things Razer. This includes keeping things tidy, well organized and communicated as well! Thanks all.
  10. CaraCuteHS

    CaraCuteHS Active Member

    This is awesome. After months of asking for my zsilver through achievements, i just sent a message to him and finally got it. Thanks so much for the help..
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