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Love the Mouse HATE the software

Discussion in 'Razer Synapse 3 Beta' started by Whitelion1284, Jul 25, 2019.

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  1. Whitelion1284

    Whitelion1284 New Member

    I have a Razer Aetheris and love it. It came with Razer Central and Razer Synapse, however; two of the slowest, most cumbersome, time wasting resource hogs I've ever had the misfortune of having inflicted upon me. Seriously, how is it possible for a mouse control suite to be so in the way?!

    Upon computer startup the software requires repeated inputs and prompts from me because it either fails or crashes and needs to be restarted. Just checking the battery strength or changing a setting is often a five minute ordeal that regularly has me staring at the screen with my mouth agape as I wait for one or the other of these programs to finish updating or find its way through whatever labyrinthine processes they need to navigate in order to finally do what I need them to do. Why, for instance, does it take several minutes for the bloody software just to realize what devices are installed and give me the prompt to change them? Why do they need to update so often? And what could possibly have changed so much that they need to waste so much of my time doing so?!

    I'm telling you now: I will not buy another of your mice if Synapse and Central are attached to them. I just won't.
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  2. ARMOR_152

    ARMOR_152 Well-Known Member

    Hmm mine only takes a second at the most. It might be on your end, do you have an old processor or don't have a SSD yet?
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  3. Whitelion1284

    Whitelion1284 New Member

    Please. I have a haswell i5 4690k with 32gb of ram, an SSD for the operating system and a western digital black for data. The problem is with the software... and I am disgusted with it.

    I just started looking at the footprint this software takes up on my hard drives. Between the Razer folder in program files (x86) and the Razer folder in Program data it is taking up nearly a GB of space. Which begs the question: what the bloody blue hell does my mouse driver need with 961 mb of hard drive space? Talk about a bloated, inefficient waste of MY resources!
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  4. xARACHN1D

    xARACHN1D Well-Known Member

    Lol. Don't hate so much. its not good for you. Gotta say I use a Lancehead TE in mercury white and the Kraken pro TE and I have none of the problems you do. Mine is fast and quick. I suggest downloading razer cortex and optimizing your rig and games. should help.
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  5. Whitelion1284

    Whitelion1284 New Member

    Or I'll just buy a mouse that doesn't come with a gigabyte of bloatware.

    EDIT: Do you know what happens when you don't hold people accountable for shoddy workmanship?


    Nothing happens. The shit job they did painting your house stays shit. The faulty job that was done repairing your transmission stays faulty. They take your money and get away with doing the bare minimum amount of work to get it.

    This is MOUSE CALIBRATION SOFTWARE and it has a footprint comparable to the entirety of WINDOWS 7. Do you understand that? This mouse control software is taking up as much of my hard drive as the entire operating system. That is ridiculous. It is absurd. It is unacceptable. It is also really goddamn suspicious. What the bloody blue hell does a mouse driver need with that much hard drive space? And for that matter why on God's green earth does it need to update itself at all let alone as often as it does; to the tune of multiple times a week? What could possibly have changed that requires a mouse driver to even need to be updated?

    Said another way: what is it doing? Why is it doing it? And why is it using so many of my system resources to do whatever it's doing? The fact that I haven't gotten any kind of official answer is causing intense distrust and more than a little irritation. Or, said another way, I'm going to take my business elsewhere.
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  6. EarLChieL

    EarLChieL Active Member

    I cannot totally disagree with you man ! Razer only problem is the Software , sad synapse
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  7. Whitelion1284

    Whitelion1284 New Member

    They do have a cool logo. I'll give them that. But that logo does not excuse a gigabyte of suspicious software with delusions of grandeur on my computer. If I don't get an official answer to what the hell this is all about I'm just gone. I'll buy a logitech or something. I've actually yet to find a single mouse manufacturer that even understands what a fingertip grip is let alone make mice for it... but that's a gripe for a different thread.
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  8. ARMOR_152

    ARMOR_152 Well-Known Member

    Synapse only updates every month or 2. Others have said having all the windows updates will fix it so try that. Even NVME drives are cheap at this point, not sure why you're concerned about 1GB. You might have installed the Studio part of Synapse which is all the advanced RGB part of it. You should only need Synapse itself, not the Visualizer, Macro, HUE modules either.

    DRIFT_IT Well-Known Member

    I mean its not just him. Synapse 3 on my PC runs about 600 to 900 mb of RAM just idling and controlling my Lancehead T.E. Even if I close all apps using the tray icon the services keep running, like Game service manager and a few others. That is borderline malware level since Synapse should close all services after I tell it to, I have to go into task manager and manually end all the processes for it to stop using the RAM it so preciously hogs.

    For me its just the idea that this software consumes more RAM and the fact that it wont turn off when told to that seems like they dont want to fix it. Logitech software consumes 25 mb of RAM as a comparison so im not sure why Synapse needs 600. Also I dont have advanced chroma add-ons installed/ enabled, I use the quick effects like spectrum cycling anyways.
  10. Whitelion1284

    Whitelion1284 New Member

    When you were going to school you had a bag, right? A bag to help you carry your books and notes and maybe your lunch? Imagine that when you went to buy that bag you picked it up and discovered that some moron had sewn 100lbs (45kg) of dead weight into the bag.

    Would you buy it?

    I wouldn't. Why the hell would I want to burden myself with someone else's stupidity like that?

    Well, the trend in modern software development can be summed up with the adage: "machine time is less expensive than programmer time". Thing is, this is a lie. It's only less expensive for the company paying the programmer. The rest of us, on the other hand, end up footing the bill. "Hard drive space is cheap!" "Computer's are so powerful these days that they won't even notice!"

    Except they do.

    Recent android phones with bare minimum installations are so slow that it takes several minutes for them to boot up. And once they do there is not enough memory to do more than take a few pictures. Why? These phones are hundreds of times more powerful than the desktop computers of two decades ago... and run slower.


    Because instead of paying programmers to write elegant code it's less expensive to bundle hundreds of megabytes worth of dll's and frameworks into a package and call it a day. So here we have Razer Synapse, a program for calibrating my mouse settings, and for some reason it requires nearly a gigabyte of hard drive space, several hundred megabytes of RAM, and a goodly chunk of my machine's processing cycles. In other words my computer is now carrying around that bag full of weight, and modern software is often so inefficient that it is not just 100lbs of extra weight but thousands of extra pounds.

    Are you okay with that? Cos I'm not.
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  11. ARMOR_152

    ARMOR_152 Well-Known Member

    Interesting, There must be something else wrong. There's always so many variables with PC's it's hard to tell whats different or fixable. Mine is using about 286MB of Ram adding up all the Razer processes, and that's with Synapse 2 and 3, and the Studio installed. On Synapse 2 I have the Kraken 7.1 V2 and Mug, Synapse 3 is the Blackwidow Chroma V2, Firefly, Basilisk, Base Station, and HDK kit with 4 strips. So it is definitely weird if yours is using 3x as much when all you have is a mouse.
  12. DRIFT_IT

    DRIFT_IT Well-Known Member

    Yeah its weird, im not saying I absolutely hate Razer for this but the fact that their competitors offer the same peripheral suite with supporting software that consumes 10 times less RAM is just disappointing. I feel some developer probably slacked off and didnt bother optimizing the RAM usage.

    I dont really care for RAM all that much either cause I have 16 gigs and mostly only consume less than 10 even in most games I play but when closing Synapse it still doesnt end these processes you showed. I mean I havent looked deep into this but I dont understand why a service needs to run even though I closed your software from the system tray, is it for collecting data/ analytics on peripherals that arent Razer or something else?
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  13. xARACHN1D

    xARACHN1D Well-Known Member

    I gotta say. not quite the same peripherals. definently above the line when regarding RGB. unless of course you can connect your corsair mouse and keyboard to a fire or a starlight mode?
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  14. DRIFT_IT

    DRIFT_IT Well-Known Member

    Fire is available on Corsair keyboards, the rainbow wheel was introduced on Corsair keyboards first but made its way to Synapse later on (not counting 3rd party custom presets). Im not saying Razer peripherals are bad but consuming 10 times more RAM for controlling RGB shouldnt be a thing, its just bad coding. I still happily use my Lancehead T.E but I set it to spectrum cycling and turn off Synapse 3 just because of how malware-ish like it seems to behave.
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  15. xARACHN1D

    xARACHN1D Well-Known Member

    I get it. Sometimes razer programming feels like malware. for example. I found a subfile under softminer called XMR-STAK. I was like why is this eating up 50% of my CPU so I looked it up and it turns out XMR-STAK is actually malware. It was under the RAZER SOFTMINER FILES! So I contacted razer and they said something about it being need to mine for the Silver but I was like nahhhhhhhhh. So I just stopped using softminer.

    Plus I just don't like the feel of corsair stuff. or Logitech for that matter. (except for the G502 that thing is a beast). But I still love my Lancehead T.E. I want to get the nari ultimate mainly for the hypersense. RN I am using the kraken TE
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  16. Hermanator

    Hermanator Well-Known Member

    That's odd, the only issue I've had with Synapse is that it takes at least 2 minutes to load and that I can't use my mouse's advanced features offline (which is kinda stupid indeed).
  17. SativeDeeva

    SativeDeeva New Member

    Thank you so very much, truly a lifesaver!! Lol
  18. earthman34

    earthman34 New Member

    I also think there must be some other issue going on here, I have Synapse 2 and 3 installed, and my total memory used is around 90 Mb in 9 Razer processes...and this is with a 24 hour uptime.
  19. Hermanator

    Hermanator Well-Known Member

    The reason the software doesn't close its processes when you exit it from the UI is because it's installed as a service. Not sure if the services involving Cortex is necessary at all but it's possible that the Synapse services are necessary so that the UI doesn't need to be ran as admin every time it starts.
  20. TheAtlasMarvel

    TheAtlasMarvel New Member

    Razer synapse is cool, but i do think future updates should allow less buggy options for past gen/future gen specs.
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