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Discussion in 'The Linux Corner' started by dcrdev, Dec 1, 2020.

  1. dcrdev

    dcrdev New Member

    I use Linux on my blade, firmware updates are a pain because you only provide a windows executable. It would be awesome if Razer like dell, hp, lenovo etc... would consider pushing their firmware to LVFS, so that we can flash from linux.

    - Provide firmware as a dos image.
    - Provide a mechanism to flash firmware inside the bios like a lot of vendors.

    As it stands I have 2 not great options at the moment -
    - Guess which AMI dos and linux utils are compatible with the controller on the mobo; potential bricking terroritory.
    - Replace my ssd, or replace my os as Windows cannot be run off a usb stick.

    C'mon Razer
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  2. stormmore

    stormmore New Member

  3. dcrdev

    dcrdev New Member

    Yes I did notice that it was self extracting exe, I can't remember there being an efi executable, just the firmware and a intel me update + afuwin. I'll double check, but I don't recall seeing it.
  4. purplexed9

    purplexed9 New Member

    Hey Razer,
    LVFS support would be really great, especially since you walked down the productivity path, with products in the respective range (Razer Book 13 etc.)
  5. C0R3S

    C0R3S New Member

    I agree, this would be nice.
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