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Macro button to toggle Chroma Audio Visualiser on and off

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by AaronMcHale, Nov 26, 2015.

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  1. JADEPlumeasy846

    JADEPlumeasy846 New Member

    Hey everyone

    Thought I would share this as I imagine others would want to benefit from this. If you use the Chroma Audio Visualizer Application developed by @CalcProgrammer1 you'll know how awesome it is, but if like me you want to just be able to turn it on and off using one button on your keyboard and have it load with your custom settings then that's a little trickier.

    So to overcome this I wrote a script that would allow me to press a macro key on my keyboard, start Keyboard Visualizer with my custom settings, then when I press it again Keyboard Visualizer closes, like magic!

    • Keyboard Visualizer version 1.0.9 or greater for full support, download latest safe version (v.1.10) here
    Step by step guide:
    1. First, click here to go to the GitHub Gist and click "Download as ZIP"
    2. Extract the ZIP File and save the KeyboardVisualizer.vbs file somewhere useful
    3. Right click on the file and click Edit
    4. Set the file name and path values in the "Configuration Section" as appropriate, for example if the KeyboardVisualizerVC.exe applications is stored in C:\chroma\KeyboardVisualizerVC.exe, then set strPath to "C:\chroma\", or if it's just saved on your desktop (like me) just uncomment the "'strPath = strSpecialPath & "\"" line. Also make sure that strAppName is set to the exact file name of KeyboardVisualizerVC.exe.
    5. Configure your arguments to start KeyboardVisualizerVC with, for a full list of arguments see this post, I have provided the ones I like to use as an example
    6. In Razer Synapse select which key you want to use to toggle KeyboardVisualizer on and off, I chose M2
    7. In the "Key Assignment" dropdown, select "Launch Programme", then click the black box under the "Launch Program" radio button, navigate to where you saved the script you downloaded in step 1, select it, click "Save", and you're done!
    Video Tutorial:

    If you followed all the steps correctly when you press the key you assigned above KeyboardVisualizer will start with the settings you specified in the script configuration, then when you press the key again, KeyboardVisualizer will close.

    Last edited: Dec 24, 2015
  2. Spearman873

    Spearman873 Member

    thanks for the help!
  3. MrAltamente

    MrAltamente New Member

    Niiiice :D
  4. JADEPlumeasy846

    JADEPlumeasy846 New Member

    Hey, glad you guys like it :)
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  5. PhysX-

    PhysX- Member

    Can you make a video please?
  6. nascarfan12

    nascarfan12 New Member

    I can't quite figure this out. I feel like a noobe, and I've been playing with PC's since the '80's. (my BASIC skills quietly degraded over the years, so that's my excuse for not being able to install this). I too could use a video, as I'm much more of a visual person.
  7. MrAltamente

    MrAltamente New Member

    ill try to give you some tips that might help with the installation:

    1. Put the "KeyboardVisualizerVC" in the desktop, AaronMcHale already has the desktop path coded wich is great. (If you dont want the icon visible just go to the file properties and put it hidden).

    2. If the vizualizer file has other name then "KeyboardVisualizerVC" rename it to that, it just makes the job easier.

    3. setting up the "KeybaordVisualizer" script on the notepad is like picking your nose with boxing gloves. Download Notepad++ and make your life easier for yourself ;)

    4. I made a quick paint trying to explain the only things that actually need editing in the script file- **CLICKY**

    5. In the end you must end with a file something like this - **CLICKY**

    6. On razer synapse choose a key on the keyboard you dont use much so you dont activate the script accidentally.

    Ok, sorry for the long post, hope it helps.

    P.S.- Sorry for any spell and/or verbal mistakes. English aint my native.
  8. JADEPlumeasy846

    JADEPlumeasy846 New Member

    Hey everyone, thanks for the interest in this script, as per some requests I have created a video tutorial, see main post above. Also for those who don't know version 1.10 of Keyboard Visualizer was released (just found out which is why the video references 1.0.9), it's malware free now and you can download it here.
    Last edited: Dec 16, 2015
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  9. xNeoNHD

    xNeoNHD Member

    Hey Just wanna saythank you so much-
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  10. JADEPlumeasy846

    JADEPlumeasy846 New Member

    Hey, you're welcome :)
  11. nascarfan12

    nascarfan12 New Member

    Wow, I finally got it!!! Thank you -very much!!!
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  12. Homik_no_id

    Homik_no_id New Member

    Works fine, but I can't set frgd_mode on 12 (Rainbow Inverse), every others match, but this one just works as same as mode 11. Any fix?
  13. JADEPlumeasy846

    JADEPlumeasy846 New Member

    Sounds like a problem with the Keyboard Visualizer application, I'd suggest posting in that thread or posting an issue on GitHub.

    Hope that helps
  14. Homik_no_id

    Homik_no_id New Member

    I got it, there's bug in latest version of Visualizer.
  15. JZheng03

    JZheng03 Member

    Oh this helps a lot
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  16. APATITEXanadutech438

    APATITEXanadutech438 Active Member

    one day ill get to use this...one day...
  17. Irenicussss

    Irenicussss Member

    Thank you very much.
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  18. gezeni

    gezeni Member

    Dude, you rock. You made this very awesome chroma app, actually usable.
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  19. Bookmarked for later when I get my razer blade. Thanks!
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