MACRO ISSUE Moving from Synapse 2 to 3

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by SirBlazeSpliffington, Dec 10, 2018.

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  1. Hey guys, gals and humans,

    I had everything once upon a time. I had a great backlight ornata chroma, which worked amazing with all my macros. And then I got phillips hue'd outta nowhere and an upgrade to Synapse 3 followed. Now I have a cooler setup (granted) but my macros and lighting are well and truly screwed, and muggins here forgot to save them to file.

    Here's how it used to work out on Synapse 2(?) *the one before the hue update hence the move

    - Synapse launches on boot, before I'd hit the sign in screen I'd get my custom lighting.
    - Synapse would work off the bat, like a charm with 0 hassle post set up.
    - I could push fn+0 and my 1-9 keys above QWERTY would turn white.
    - These macros would have details set in, like email, phone number and office address
    - Made my life 10 fold easier doing my day to day admin from home in between games.

    Here's what happens now.

    - Synapse boots post log in, if im lucky 15 seconds.
    - New lighting effect in place.
    - And nothing.

    Now, I'm well, well aware this could be me, but PLEASE can one of you out there help me. This is genuinely costing me a fair amount of time with* work, finding the 8 odd phone numbers of my colleagues, making sure they are 100% right before sending off emails, and to be frank, it's just annoying me.

    Any help would be amazing and I will repay you with THE best dog GIF of all time.

    * is an edit, I messed up my words
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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