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Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by Sheepona, Jul 24, 2019.

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  1. Sheepona

    Sheepona New Member

    Dear Razer,

    I love your keyboards and your management software is leagues above the rest in my opinion. However why do you keep removing Dedicated Macro Keys from all of your keyboards?I at the point now that there are 0 new keyboards with macro Keys which is causing me to use cosair and frankly their management software ui is infuriating. But I no longer have a choice if I want the macro Keys I grew to love from your keyboards. The question is why take away functionality,
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  2. SESNut

    SESNut Member

    because they think the only people that are buying their keyboards are esports players
    They dont really care about gamers that actually want to use their computers for other stuff too
  3. sydneato

    sydneato Member

    Most gaming keyboards don't have macro keys anymore, and barely anyone I knew even used theirs aside from myself and one other person. Look at companies like Ducky, or Roccat. None have macro keys. I liked macro keys too, but they're a thing of the past unfortunately.
  4. Sheepona

    Sheepona New Member

    You called out two specific companies that are known for making then without. Mean while Razer is know for making them with. Corsair also
  5. sydneato

    sydneato Member

    Because it proves my point. Most keyboard manufacturers are making keyboards without dedicated macro keys, even Corsair's K70 keyboards come with no macros (save for some exceptions). Steelseries' Apex Pro has no dedicated macros, neither does Logitech's G513 and neither does the majority of CoolerMaster's lineup. Macro keys used to be on almost every popular gaming keyboard, but they've been ditched due to a general lack of popularity and use cases in most popular titles in favour of a more streamlined look.
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