Macro to play with 4 characters at the same time.

Discussion in 'Razer Synapse 3 Beta' started by UnfairMode, Nov 17, 2022.


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  1. UnfairMode

    UnfairMode New Member

    Macro to play with 4 characters at the same time.
    Has anyone tried to create a macro to be able to play with 4 characters at the same time? It doesn't matter the type of game.
    I've tried with Overcooked! 2 but it seems like the delays of the macros doesn't get accurate when I use more than one macro at the same time.
  2. UnfairMode

    UnfairMode New Member

    I think I've found the issue. Looking around Razer Insider Forum, I saw people saying CPU affects the time a macro runs. The faster the macro command is, the more CPU power will be needed.
    So I'll try to set it slower and see if that works.
    I'll keep you posted because I believe this is very relevant information but that has never been addressed here in the forum.
    I wonder what the potential of a Macro would be if I had a processor with 64 cores and 128 threads. :cool_:
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