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Mamba and Synapse 3.0

Discussion in 'Mice and Surfaces' started by AArgus, Nov 25, 2018.

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  1. AArgus

    AArgus New Member

    Okay. We have been waiting SO long, but we still forced to use Synapse 2.0 for our Mamba (that one: https://www.razer.com/gaming-mice/razer-mamba). That it stupid. Even TE version (that is cheaper btw) supported. Just answer one simple question? Should we wait, or just throw that crap away and buy something from someone who actually cares about their customers (sorry, just really sad about my mamba)? (At the bottom i have a screenshot of one interesting post. I do understand that there is no "magic stick", but after a year there is still only Mamba TE (almost the same mouse). Plese, just say, should we wait more, or not?)


    (Also sorry for my mistakes, english is't my native language)
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  2. FiszPL

    FiszPL Well-Known Member

    And unfortunatelly it's not the 1st device, that should be supported by synapse 3, but it's not... And it's always "SOON" or "MAYBE".
  3. corehacker

    corehacker New Member

    I agree with this sentiment entirely! I keep checking with each passing month, hoping they get support, only to find disappointment and silence.

    Synapse 2 no longer an option for me as it keeps either crashing my mouse every hour or so (I have to disconnect and reconnect it) or start freezing intermittently for a few seconds, and then comes back to life for a few seconds... rinse, repeat (I have to disconnect and reconnect it). Razer support is USELESS at even trying to support me on this matter and have made me jump through the 5000 support steps (that they are trained to take you through until customers eventually can't take any more) and I give up. I uninstall synapse 2 and immediately I get a fully functional mouse (without crashes or faults), but without any chroma effects, which lets face it... is the reason this mouse exists!

    Synapse 3, therefore, doesn't just represent a fun to have upgrade in my case, its become the only thing I can hope for to solve any of my issues, and have the mouse do what I actually bought it for! If only I could return this piece of junk for a refund as its advertised function doesn't actually work properly.

    Its now 15 months since the post you screenshot, and still no hint of support for the mamba 16000 dpi version. Maybe this was just such a faulty mouse there is no hope for it, but they dare not admit that it had a fault or they may have to actually pay out for a recall.

    If you did eventually move away from razer (which I am most determined to do now after so long of waiting and no transparency/roadmap for device support being offered by Razer), which mouse/company did you go with? I'm seriously considering Logitech at the moment.

  4. AArgus

    AArgus New Member

    I am still waiting Razer to do something about it. But i may choose Corsair or Asus ROG as the next company. The thing is that i am really concerned about how my devices look (that why u shouldn't listen to me about choosing company), and i really want to use a well built ecosystem. This is the main reason why i still stick to Razer, their devices are looking so good.
    I can't say much about Logitech because i didn't used any of their devices, but my friend was dissapointed by their top mouse and, also top, pair of headphones (and, again, policy of return(at least in Russia/Belarus)). Also i think that some of their devices r ugly, but it is subjective. (But another friend, that have a cheaper Logitech mouse, is completely satisfied, so i think Logitech is a way to go, just watch some reviews)

    And, also, sorry if it is hard to read my posts because of a mistakes, still learning.
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