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Discussion in 'Mice and Surfaces' started by fastAlizarinCrimson068, May 29, 2020.

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  1. I'm looking to getting my hands on a Mamba Hyperflux but there's ONE piece of info about the mouse I can't seem to find anywhere (believe me I looked): What is the main material used on the mouse's chassis?

    I ask this because I owned a mamba before, one of the first iterations of the mouse actually, and the surface material was really BAD. It was made out of this rubbery substance that gets dirty and sticky really easily. I nowadays use an Ouroboros and its material is textured plastic which I do love.

    Anyone here owning a Mamba Hyperflux can tell me what the mouse is made of? Amazingly, No reviews or information on the Razer website ever mentions this.
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  2. amartyrstale

    amartyrstale New Member

    Did you find out the answer? 0.0
  3. No I didn't. I tried every channel, posted on groups. NOTHING.
  4. Anyone? Anyone AT ALL?
  5. wildboy

    wildboy New Member

    I own a Hyperflux and the Ridged area on both sides is indeed like rubber, but it is different than the Mamba.
    I had a Mamba before the Hyperflux and the rubber sort of semi perished and rubbed due to use.
    I can honesly say that after 18 months of using the Hyperflux this hasnt happened. The ridges are different and it has not shown any signs of rubbing or perishing and I use it alot for gaming.
    Yeah I know it needs a clean but you get the idea.
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  6. Yeah, what about the material in the UPPER PART? The part where you rest your hand on, and click on? That's the part I'm concerned about. What is it made of?
  7. wildboy

    wildboy New Member

    Its plastic, but smooth. Nothing rubberized on the top except the scroll wheel which with all its use is not showing any signs of wear.
    Where my left finger sits is a little shinier but its the same on any non PBT keycap.
    I have been super impressed with the Hyperflux.
  8. My man, you made me happy. You have no idea how hard it was to find this simple info.

    Thanks a lot dude!
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