Mamba TE & Firefly V2

Discussion in 'Mice and Surfaces' started by ReaperonYT, Dec 27, 2019.

  1. ReaperonYT

    ReaperonYT Active Member

    Thanks for that, hoping that they will be able to come to some resolution.
    Please keep this thread updated with anything they suggest is a resolution. just an FYI they will ask you to go through fault finding, just need to go through the motions at the moment.

    I've actually responded on my support request asking them to escalate, so we'll see how it goes.
  2. At the moment from the Razer Support :
    Basically, they're more focused on my mouse than my actual mousepad :eek_:
  3. ReaperonYT

    ReaperonYT Active Member

    I'm guessing they are trying to suggest that the issue couldn't ever be the mouse mat... :rolleyes:
  4. Second round :
    Sadly that's too complicated for me to do so because I don't have a second computer and I'm not going to visit a friend just for that. Also I don't have a decent smartphone to record a video in a quality good enough to clearly see what's happening on my monitor...

    I guess I'm just going to wait for a fix or go back to the previous Firefly, that's meh.
  5. What I can say for sure is that they know how to make you give up your attempt of refund/replacement even though I've bought a lot of tech from them over the past decade. I currently have/had from the Razer brand :

    - 3 Mices : Nagas 2012, Naga 2014 Chroma and Epic Chroma
    - 7 mousepads : Mantis, Ironclad, Goliathus L and XL, Firefly Hard and Cloth and Firefly V2
    - 3 keyboards : Anansi, Blackwidow Chroma, Blackwidow X Chroma customized with Green Keycaps
    - 2 Headsets : Tiamat 7.1 and Man'o'War
    - 1 Soundbar Leviathan
    - 1 Base Station Chroma
    - 1 Bungee
    - 1 H440 NZXT Razer Edition

    And yet I'm struggling to refund a mousepad obviously not working with my gaming mouse :frown_:
  6. ReaperonYT

    ReaperonYT Active Member

    I hope you replied to that advising that, that wasn't feasible. especially as the issue isn't the mouse. Don't give up. thanks
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