Man O War dongle no longer being recognized

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by JimmytheJaguar, Nov 6, 2018.

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  1. JimmytheJaguar

    JimmytheJaguar New Member

    My PC and PS4 are no longer recognizing my headset. I spoke with support and they basically told me i'm out of luck cuz it's one month out of warranty. They linked me to a replacement dongle but they're out of stock.

    Anyone else have this issue and know a fix or am I in the market for a new headset now?

    I've been alternating ports for awhile now and it was recognized as "Avnera AV6301" and it isn't connected to my headset or recognized as an audio device

    I've also done the deleting all the synapse files and reinstalling stuff and it still hasnt worked

    I attempted the Firmware updater:
    The updater says both are on version 32, but it also says update available so I click update and it does everything then at the end an "Update Failed" box pops up and says "Dongle firmware update failed. Please unplug the wireless USB transceiver from your PC, then click the 'Retry' button"

    I've done this twice and gotten the same results
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