March 2016 - What's In Your Bag?

Discussion in 'Razer Gear' started by technokat, Feb 22, 2016.

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  1. ItsPixelz

    ItsPixelz Member

    GIVEAWAY?! Yes please! Hopefully I'm lucky but I never am so, whatever. :joy:
  2. KosmicKilljoy

    KosmicKilljoy New Member

    The New Razer Blade QHD+ (2015) in a Razer Blade Armor Case
    Razer Orochi mouse
    Razer Kabuto mouse pad
    Anker 2.5" hard drive enclosure with a Samsung 850 EVO (500GB SSD) inside
    Apple EarPods
    Apple iPad Air 2
    Microsoft Wedge Mobile Keyboard
    *sometimes I add a Steam Controller and Razer Adaro Wireless headphones*
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  3. oToastTv

    oToastTv Member

    Well if I had the Razer Toaster, I'd have it in my bag with me where ever I go.
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  4. wookie9699

    wookie9699 Member

    • HP Specter X360
    • Razer Kraken 2015
    • Razer Naga 2012
    • XBOX ONE controller with wireless dongle
    • OnePlus 2
    • And obviously a Cold Steel Katana. just in case
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  5. Dunker_23

    Dunker_23 Member

    In my bag I always keep:
    Razer Mamba TE Chroma
    Razer Blackwidow TE Chroma
    Steel Series QCK (Soon upgrading to the Razer Firefly)
    Logitech C130 (When the Razer Stargazer comes out I'll get that or Logitech C920)
    Dell Inspirion 3000 series laptop
    Ipad mini 2
    Ipod touch 5g
    OontZ Angle Bluetooth speaker
    HDMI cable
    2 extra mice, Microsoft Sidewinder X5 gaming mouse, Tecknet M002
    Razer Kraken
    Beats Mixers
    Nintendo 2ds
    Sega Genesis ultimate portable game player
    I don't have good peripherals for my laptop because I use all the razer stuff for my PC. So if I won the giveaway Id put it all on my laptop.
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  6. I've started working so maybe I'll get to stock up this many cool things in a backpack. That won't be till some time in the future though. :eek_:
  7. sidhzdabas

    sidhzdabas Member

    wow cool bag packs
  8. 133752002

    133752002 New Member

    Thanks a lot for an other giveaway Razer and good luck to everyone!
  9. DeDude21

    DeDude21 Member

    Thanks soooooooooooooo much for another awesome giveaway, Razer!!!!!!!!!!! You are awesome and good luck to everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :big_grin_::big_grin_::big_grin_::big_grin_::big_grin_::big_grin_::big_grin_::big_grin_::big_grin_::big_grin_::big_grin_::big_grin_:
  10. I don't even have the backback -.-"
  11. baseeasyMoccasin539

    baseeasyMoccasin539 New Member

    My backpack contains:

    Razer DeathAdder Chroma
    Razer Goliathus
    Razer Kraken Classic 7.1
    A small textbook I'm currently studying (Supersymmetry and Supergravity by Wess and Bagger right now)
    A notebook
    A couple of PILOT VBall BG 05 pens

    I'm a simple man of simple needs, but who am I to say no to a Razer giveaway!
  12. rashdanlong

    rashdanlong Active Member

    Well time to pray to the RNG god again
  13. Bardiel

    Bardiel New Member

    [placeholder for proper photo when I get off work]

    Lenovo Gaming Backpack:
    13" Macbook Air
    Apple (not-so) Magic Mouse
    Razer DeathAdder 2013
    (paper) Notebooks - 1x wirebound, 1x leather
    Huawei Google Nexus 6P
    Nintendo 3DS XL
    Astro A40 headset
    Water bottle
    House keys
    Car "key" on Razer lanyard
    Chargers + cables
  14. sidhzdabas

    sidhzdabas Member

    Stuff I carry all the time includes -
    • Red Samsonite Bag with winston,Jimmy Raynor gold color , deathwing , jaina proudmore , Mario and Captain america pins.
    • Red Dr Dre Beats Solo 2.0 .
    • Monster isport bluetooth earphones. IMG_7210.JPG IMG_7211.JPG IMG_7207.JPG
    • Monster 32gb USB 3.0 Ultra Titanium waterproof/radiationproof USB Stick.
    • 7500mah dual USB Battery pack.
    • 320gb Transcend Portable HDD.
    • Dell E7440 Ultrabook -i5 4th gen ,4gb ram ,128gb SSD and INTEL HD 4000 graphics .
    • H.P Wireless Mice.
    • Apple Ipod Touch 2g 8gb .
    • Apple Ipad mini with 3g 32gb.
    • Apple Watch Sport 38mm.
    • Multi Purpose Army Knife .
    • Measuring Tape Pocket Edtition .
    • Nikon L310 Camera .
    • Red Nintendo 3DS XL .
    • Red World of Warcraft Horde Journal (Unopened) for emergency.
    • Flash Light.
    • 2 Ball Point Pens.
    • PS4 Controller.
    • Razer Nabu X White Band
    • G shock .
    • Heroes of the storm Lanyard Nexus Lanyard with all keys .
    • Water bottle.
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  15. sidhzdabas

    sidhzdabas Member

    Different Angle shots of my gaming setup at home with different light effects on at different times

    IMG_6877.JPG IMG_6666.JPG IMG_6557.JPG IMG_6878.JPG
  16. chrisinot

    chrisinot New Member

    Hi Razer and friends :D (that i didnt know excatly the name -.- but HELLO :D)

    so inside my bag, here's the list and the picture from top left:

    1. Macbook pro 15 inch mid 2012
    2. Razer Tactical to carry the whole stuff :D
    3. Set keys for my house & office
    4. Display adapter to hdmi for my mac
    5. 3x3 Cube
    6. Charger for my phone
    7. External hdd 500gb for big personal data
    8. Xiaomi piston for phone call
    9. Razer Adaro in Ear for music or watching movies phone or mac
    10. Personal Vaporizer (trying to quit smoking x.x)
    11. Vaporizer tool kits for making coils etc
    12. Razer Kraken 7.1 USB for gaming (dang this one is beast)
    13. Sets of thumb drive, micro sd adapter, and bottle opener :D
    14. Razer Vespula mouse pad
    15. Razer Naga (great for gaming and work also who really needs a shortcut keys or even a macro)
    16. Mac charger
    17. Chamsys usb dongles (Lighting design dongle for my work :D)

    Bag Equipment.jpg

    which item that i will need to carry all the time???
    definitely my in ear adaro for music and stuff, this one is needed the most :D

    What i do in razer? emmm just buying your products :D since the quality very nice for each product you guys manufacture, i use the equipment for the long time and never have a single problem from it :D

    Thanks Razer for the opportunity to participate :D

    From Indonesia

    Cheeeerrrrsssss :)
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  17. lord_Ironsaber

    lord_Ironsaber New Member

    What's in my bag?
    • Toshiba satalite laptop
    • onn wireless mouse
    • logitech wireless keyborard
    • logitech game controller
    • Razer chroma 7.1 headset
    • various cables, adapters and flashdrives

    It's a pretty decent beginner setup but it'll be more than sufficient until my finances improve.
    This thread has been informative as a source of recommendations, I wouldn't mind having a few of the setups I've seen here.

    Good Luck Everyone!

    -Lord Ironsaber​
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  18. Burgz

    Burgz Well-Known Member

    Seeing these Razer backpacks are starting to make me actually consider purchasing one!

    Hmm... :rolleyes:
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  19. RunninBearPoo

    RunninBearPoo Member

    i usually stuff clothes, iphone charger, tooth brush, towel, plastic bag for dirty worn clothes, ipad mini, kraken headphones, and bare showering essentials when i go to visit my Grand parents when i have time off or away from work. I usually game alot at home so i dont wanna bring my laptop, cause id rather spend time wit my grannys then keep my face buried in my monitor.
  20. markieg

    markieg Active Member

    one day - yes please!
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