Massive Razer Collection- Road to 1000.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ElementOne, Aug 27, 2016.

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  1. ElementOne

    ElementOne Active Member

    I guess out of 257 about 102+- of em have been opened, tested & used. Overall less than 40 are heavily used.

    So far I only own one which is the 14" Blade 2014. Still waiting for the Core to be available in South East Asia before I'm committed to get the new Stealth Blade.

    I don't think I'd be able to collect all the variation of blades.
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  2. YT.HellSing

    YT.HellSing Member

    This is so good ! Keep going !
  3. DieselLag

    DieselLag Active Member

    Dude didnt razer feature you in a post?!
  4. wow thats alot of stufff
  5. ninja9351

    ninja9351 New Member

    Please tell me your job. Clearly I need to go into whatever that is.
  6. Draco90

    Draco90 Active Member

    This is so huge!!! Man, this is a dream.
    BTW why there are multiple copies of some stuff? some kind of redundancies for emergencies or what? :) glad you realized our green dreams :D
  7. ElementOne

    ElementOne Active Member

    Yes they did :D

    I'm currently working as a senior logistics manager in a big manufacturer of safety PPE in Malaysia. I also founded my own company "Element One Enterprise" which is a small trading company. I do occasionally accept some freelancing designing jobs if I ever had the time.

    Some of the duplicates are stuffs that I received as birthday gifts from friends & my fiance that does not know I already had one. Some were items that were heavily used so like what you say, just a precaution if it breaks down I still got a fully functional device of that particular same model.

    In fact there weren't many duplicates. I've checked and there are 9 duplicates not counting the one that had different editions.

    The one's I had duplicates are:
    Razer Moray+ Black [Lost the box and original pouch on flight so I got one extra]
    Razer Adaro DJ [Friend RMA one unit and sold it to me]
    Razer Lycosa Mirror Edition [Keyboard had scratches over it and keys fade so friend got me another one]
    Razer TRON Gaming Mouse Pad [Extra gift from retailer]
    Razer Pro|Pad [Got a spare for collection trading if possible]
    Razer Salmosa [Friend got me one from Korea]
    Razer Krait [My 9 year old Krait died and I manage to get another]
    Razer Boomslang First Edition 1000 DPI (Year 1999) [Got 2 of em. One mint new one used]
    Razer Mako [One mako died so got me another 2nd hand used but managed to revive the old mako. So now I got two working big cannons]

    Oyea I forgot I had a few extra old Diamondbacks
  8. Draco90

    Draco90 Active Member

    Thanks for clarification man... Again, so beautiful collection, keep up! :D
  9. audigy1

    audigy1 Member

    Have you put any thought into actually putting them out on semi-permanent display around the place? Like a couple of Mice in a clear display case in one corner. Maybe a shelf of Keyboards etc. Maybe even wall mounting some mouse mats or keyboards in place of paintings.
  10. ElementOne

    ElementOne Active Member


    I did put some thought into it except the missus doesn't want me displaying it around the whole house. I might be able to install a wall racking system for the keyboards in this room since there isn't any more space in the cabinet I could place them in anyway and I still have a plain empty wall.

    Most likely something like this:


    Lighting up the Razer Deathadder Voodoo Edition~

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  11. audigy1

    audigy1 Member

    Yeah that's pretty much what I had in mind. Good luck with the set up!
  12. ElementOne

    ElementOne Active Member

    Obtained another sweet item. The Razer Imperator CrossFire Mutation Edition.

  13. PrideHeart

    PrideHeart Active Member

    That really is massive O_O share the love.
  14. Draco90

    Draco90 Active Member

    that is awesome! i suppose is a SEA region exclusive.. :D lucky you!
  15. rode_leeuw

    rode_leeuw Active Member

    Giveaway jeaah. Come on together we can use these mice. They are dieing from lack of attention..

    I mean you can keep the boxes
  16. Nyltje

    Nyltje Member

    This is great to see. Also rare stuf that no one is selling these days. It's great to see and I think the dream of every gamer.

    I hope you will collect more and more, it looks so nice!!
  17. ONREY_no_id

    ONREY_no_id Member

    Oh my gosh... EPIC
  18. aab010799

    aab010799 Active Member

    That is seriously so awesome. You must have the best collection of Razer peripherals out there.
  19. Nick0ss

    Nick0ss Member

    Holy sht thats a lot of razer stuff, nice man :wink_:
  20. Ayaku

    Ayaku Member

    I really want to say im not jealous but...:rolleyes:
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