Mastering Razer Synapse + Proiles + Lighting effects

Discussion in 'Mice and Surfaces' started by Gergelyc, Jul 30, 2016.

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  1. Gergelyc

    Gergelyc New Member

    Hi there all,

    Disclaimer: I did my share of Google Searching tried a few things, but I can't seem to master Razer Synapse and its friggin light effects.

    I have a brand new Razer Mamba.
    I wish to do the following:

    When Computer is turned off the device only glows with a very dark blue glow (Currently by some accident I managed to achieve a BRIGHT BLUE - without using the "Switch off all lighting when display is turned off menu) but than I goofed and it only glows in bright Razer Green. Which is nice, but I want the blue.

    I want a default profile (tied to explore.exe) that is a dim slow wave effect on the mouse. Currently I managed to achieve a dim static rainbow, that seem to get in conflict/freeze/bug out.

    I would want a profile based on overwatch that has the overwatch orange static, dim on both the stand and the mouse.

    So what happens:

    I create a default profile (linking it with the explorer.exe in the C.:\Windows\explorer.exe
    It activates (Hurray right?) I name it - Windows -

    I create a 2nd profile named Overwatch - I set mouse speed - Effect Static (Orange) Dock - Follow Mouse effect.

    I turn on Overwatch, mouse goofs, wave stops, turns very very very dim. I have dual monitors, so I click on desktop on other. I see "Windows" popup in the right bottom corner. Mouse does not do anything. I click back to Overwatch, I see "Overwatch" in bright green in corner. Yet nothing.

    I turn off computer THE BRIGHT ORANGE APPEARS FOR A MILISEC. I restart computer, mouse goes FULL BRIGHT CHROMA. Synapse finally starts up and it goes to windows default behaviour.

    So this is the profiles.

    For "night mode". I set Power -> Docked Charging effect to Follow Current lighting effect (I tried setting Battery level indicator to "nothing" but that only turned off dock, the mouse was still frigging glowing) and I set mouse to Switch off all lighting when display is turned off IN ALL PROFILES.

    So.... help? :D
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