Mechanical or Membrane Keyboard?

Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by ToxiC_PaiNt, Jan 19, 2016.


Mechanical or Membrane Keyboards

  1. Mechanical

  2. Membrane

  3. Both

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  1. noj11

    noj11 Member

    Should probably include the LGBT demographic while we're at it - gotta keep it PC.
  2. noj11

    noj11 Member

    Only way to change the feel of your mechanical would be to add some o-rings which will give you a minor amount of cushion and make the keypress bottom out a bit higher up. Or buy other switches/keyboard with different switches like xBambox said.
  3. Psyjin

    Psyjin Well-Known Member

    xBambox didn't say that, Raijin did!
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  4. noj11

    noj11 Member

    Many sorries Raijin! I done goofed!
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  5. 568213_xf_rzr

    568213_xf_rzr Member

    I just generally dislike membranes, it doesn't really feel like you're typing. But I guess it has that feeling that your fingers are just gliding over an almost flat surface too type, I guess I've just got so used too thicker keys that membrane just feels wrong now.
  6. TometoTom

    TometoTom Active Member

    I actually don't mind the mac keyboards, they're so much better than regular public keyboards. Mechanical all the way, though!
  7. 568213_xf_rzr

    568213_xf_rzr Member

    I actually like normal public keyboards, mainly because my current keyboard is pretty much the same as them so I'm used too them :joy:
  8. TometoTom

    TometoTom Active Member

    Yuck xD

    I make too many typos on them anyway. They just don't feel the same :c
  9. 568213_xf_rzr

    568213_xf_rzr Member

    Well soon I'll know how you feel, getting the razer blackwidow for my birthday :)
  10. TometoTom

    TometoTom Active Member

    Amazing choice ;')

    I'd be jumping up and down with excitement :joy:
  11. 568213_xf_rzr

    568213_xf_rzr Member

    I would be if I could decide what mouse to get along with the blackwidow and the kraken headset :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  12. TometoTom

    TometoTom Active Member

    Well, it obviously depends what game you're playing. Go for the Naga if you are playing MMO games (it is hard to hotkey with it in Minecraft, from personal experience)

    I've tried a Deathadder before and the thing feels so beautiful in my hands. If you want that, go for the Deathadder.

    If you want Chroma, go for the Mamba. The Diamondback is really short and it's hard to use. The Mamba also has custom actuation force which is great.

    That's basically my summary xD
  13. 568213_xf_rzr

    568213_xf_rzr Member

    I was debating between the Deathadder and the diamondback, the deathadder for the apparent amazing feels and the diamondback for the pretty lights, but now I'm thinking the mamba tournament edition ( normal one is too expensive ) but what's the difference between normal and tournament?
  14. noj11

    noj11 Member

    In considering the mouse vs. game you should also consider how important mouse accuracy is as well as buttons for more hot keys. If you play games like CS:GO or DOTA2 or LoL that require a lot of mouse accuracy, maybe a mouse like the Naga would work well for you. But if you're like me and you won't to be as accurate as possible, I would consider the Death Adder because you want to maximize comfort for fluid motion. Also in that vein, if accuracy is important, I would recommend a mouse bungie to help keep the slack out of your mouse cord.
  15. 568213_xf_rzr

    568213_xf_rzr Member

    My friend literally just bought me CS:GO, but I usually play games like FPS' anyway so I might start looking at the naga as a possible candidate too :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
    Thaanks :heart:
  16. noj11

    noj11 Member

    Ya sorry, I realized I needed to edit that - the naga would be better for games like World of Warcraft, Minecraft - things that require a lot of keybinds. The Death Adder would be better for games like CS:GO and DOTA2, as they fit hands better and will provide more mouse accuracy. Best of luck to you!
  17. Burgz

    Burgz Well-Known Member

    By that do you mean the click actuation force...? o_O
  18. 568213_xf_rzr

    568213_xf_rzr Member

    I was gonna say, I did look at the Naga and saw it was 10 button'd for MMO's, not really an FPS mouse :joy:
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  19. nicktien

    nicktien Active Member

    Mechanical... all day, everyday...
  20. GenTheIdiot

    GenTheIdiot Active Member

    Funnily enough, my full palm grip proves to be more comfortable with the Naga, even though I play mainly FPS'.
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