Meet the new Razer Leviathan Mini

Discussion in 'Audio' started by technokat, Dec 17, 2015.

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  1. Fuzms

    Fuzms Active Member

    Personally, I would rather spend the extra to get the bigger one with the sub
  2. thecooldudie3

    thecooldudie3 New Member

  3. thecooldudie3

    thecooldudie3 New Member

    how's the sound quality on this thing
  4. TheDevilz..

    TheDevilz.. Member

    Does the Razer Leviathan Mini have 7.1 surround sound?
  5. Why does it cost so much?
  6. Shin094

    Shin094 Member

    I ask the same question, for it I havent taken the soundbar during the CES Sale ... but the design is good.
    Bose mini > Razer mini ?
  7. JessMess

    JessMess Member

    Does it have a better battery life than Logitech UE Boom? If so, I will get rid of mine and get this
  8. milkbottlec

    milkbottlec Active Member

    Razer Leviathan is a virtual 5.1 surround sound system.
    And this mini doesn't have 7.1 surround sound. But it can pair up with another mini to be stereo pair of speakers.
  9. jaywhojaycee

    jaywhojaycee Active Member

    any one kno how to link 2 of them together
  10. Oh my God it's a complete robbery! What a rubbish piece of crap. Oh there's worse but come on this stuff cannot worth more than 30$ for real.

    I have a better speaker, with bigger bass, for only 15$...
    Yeah it's not stereo but come on for the price you sell the mini I could buy 18 of these and get better than an actual 7.1 surround sound system.

    For the records I'm talking about the Ryght Y-Storm Pure Color.
    I have the razer leviathan which I'm very glad to tell everyone how great the base are.
    Why oh why destroy your image whith such a terrible product?
  11. Pffpro

    Pffpro Member

    Nice too meet you little one!

    I really like the big one , so this will be nice 2 !
  12. The_Blazescoper

    The_Blazescoper New Member

    that looks so cute ^-^
  13. technovoiceBlue523

    technovoiceBlue523 New Member

    This seems like a good speaker but why is it so expensive?!!
  14. DrDiesel

    DrDiesel Active Member

    This thing is amazing it gets nice and load and is perfect for watching TV shows on my iphone 6s+ so much better
  15. pfchiu

    pfchiu Member

    How do people rate this cute little speaker?
  16. DrDiesel

    DrDiesel Active Member

    I was actually really surprised about how loud it gets, it may not hit all of the lows due to its size but it still does a good job. I picked it up during their CES appreciation sale for a great deal but now after having used it, I would gladly pay full price for it and may even pick up another so I can use the pairing feature.
  17. DrDiesel

    DrDiesel Active Member

    Also I think the reason that it is so expensive, when compared to the full size levithan, is the fact that it has a lot of batteries in it to keep it running loud for a long time
  18. Zotios

    Zotios Member

    This is such a random product
  19. Burgz

    Burgz Well-Known Member

    No, it's not.

    How's it so random?

    You're just a random commenter - just like on all of the other threads. :mad_:
  20. MrHaanSolow

    MrHaanSolow New Member

    Does anyone even use speakers anymore? most people just get headsets and only use that o_O
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