Meet the new Razer Tiamat V2 Headsets

Discussion in 'Audio' started by RazerGwynbleidd, Jul 25, 2017.

  1. Kirinketsu

    Kirinketsu New Member

    Most of the time when Amazon has listed "Usually ships within" and as example "Usually ships within 1 to 2 months" This is the time frame for Amazon to receive the item and ship it meaning they also do not have the item in stock but should receive the item and ship it out in that time frame, that being said they are back in stock at the Razer store and it looks like my order is going to process this time

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  2. WkMeUpInside

    WkMeUpInside New Member

    Wow, these look really furturistic LOL
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  3. ki1418z

    ki1418z New Member

    It's out of stock now!
  4. DDD1006

    DDD1006 New Member

    I can imagine how they will feel great. :eek:
  5. tider89

    tider89 New Member

    Just got the head set, anyone else using these with gigabyte z170x gaming 5?
  6. Freezeburn

    Freezeburn New Member

    I'll buy these when my Tiamat 7.1 v1 dies, other then the visuals the technical specs are almost the same. The mic specs are way different but the only difference on the speakers is their db, other than that they are still the same size and have the same frequency response.
  7. robinnlcraft

    robinnlcraft New Member

    Absolutly amazing
  8. brian.edition

    brian.edition Well-Known Member

    The headset looks nice. My 6y old son was like can you get that. The headsets I own: Mionix Nash 20 (PC gaming), Samsung Level Pro (walking on the streets, music and movies), PDP After GLow 7.1 (console gaming, but can be aswell used for PC) but thres is no Tiamat, Kraken or Manowar that could remove one of the others position in gaming curently XD some day maybe. My current dream peripherals from Razer, Replacing my Roccat Kova with the Lancehead wireless (since I could use both, free cable salad and with cable), my no name gaming keyboard Saturn from UtechSmart with the Blackwiddow V2 and then the headset shall come next. But that seemingly will not happen till mid 2018 or perhaps even 2019....depending on the zSilver programm HA HA, or winning in Lottery, what ever comes first
  9. tider89

    tider89 New Member

    I just received the headset yesterday, but after setting it up I gotta say... it was not that great. They dont sound that great. I am now wondering if im doing something wrong, connected them wrong or the Realtek or sound settings arent set correctly. Does any one else have these? I need some feedback.
  10. No_GT31

    No_GT31 Well-Known Member

    Ordered it this morning, give you feedback as soon as I put my hands on it.
  11. mingray981

    mingray981 New Member

    definitely not for a budget gamer like me. Way too expensive
  12. Kirinketsu

    Kirinketsu New Member

    Have you ever used 5.1/7.1speaker or stereo headphones before? Most USB headsets come with their own build in Amp/DAC, think of it as a mini sound card built in that you are paying extra for and have custom audio setting applied such as an equalizer or amplified lows, mids, highs, bass. The audio controller that comes with the Tiamat 7.1 only controls the volume for each driver and to change channels from stereo to 7.1, nothing more, unlike some other headsets or headphones that have a controller that also has built in equalizer, marked with Sports, Racing, FPS, Footsteps, Movie, Music.

    Without a custom equalizer setting the headset will be flat no amplified bass, lows, highs, mids, no custom settings to allow you to hear gunshots, footsteps. Realtek based on your motherboard might have an equalizer in its software, but unless you have a high-end motherboard something like ROG or EVGA mother board and even then the Tiamat 7.1 will not sound as good as they would with a dedicated sound card or Amp/DAC, even a dedicated 5.1 sound card will sound better over the onboard 7.1 for most motherboards.
  13. tider89

    tider89 New Member

    No, these are my first analog 7.1 headphones. I am using the soundboard from the Gigabyte Gaming 5, I went through some settings to try to fix the sound but the last thing I did was set the Line in to act as the side speaker. I will be configuring more settings today so I will continue my testing as I am also learning lol. Still awaiting feedback to see if anyone has similar motherboard and headset and no soundcard.
  14. Kirinketsu

    Kirinketsu New Member

    What Gigabyte Gaming 5 board, it might have came with Sound Blaster X-Fi MB3, that should have audio settings allowing you to set up EQ settings and enhance bass ect
  15. tider89

    tider89 New Member

    Gigabyte Gaming 5 Z170X, and yes it does which is exactly what I will be messing with today. I dont know anything about the software though so I would be going in there blindly.
  16. NaughtyMiroku

    NaughtyMiroku New Member

    2 Goliath's to choose from, Stay with my Kraken or Upgrade to a Tiamat, I will have to wait and see what the Fund Fairy has in store for me later this year. :D
  17. L00n3y

    L00n3y New Member

    That's a hell of a headset! WANT TO BUY
  18. o0kiddik0o

    o0kiddik0o New Member

    That thing is amazing! :eek: i need that!
  19. Fast-

    Fast- New Member

    good game :slightly_sad:
  20. BiutifulSea

    BiutifulSea Active Member

    It looks very nice, but I'm waiting for my Kraken 7.1 V2 :heart_eyes::cool:
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