Mercury & Gunmetal edition Razer gaming suite

Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by technokat, Aug 8, 2017.

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  1. Yacapla990

    Yacapla990 New Member

    Bonjour Le clavier en blanc à l'air plutôt élégant, j'aimerais avoi
  2. AlbViana

    AlbViana New Member

    My computer case and screen are white. Same for my gaming controller and router. The mercury BWX would be a great addition but I was also considering getting a BWv2 because of the passthrough and the wrist rest.

    Hmm, decisions, decisions.
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  3. Sketchos

    Sketchos New Member

    Nice white keyboard :heart:
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  4. k1555

    k1555 New Member

    That's what I'm wondering. They even have the BW v2 TE in pink, but still no mercury or gunmetal.
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  5. phpham16

    phpham16 New Member

    I prefer Gunmetal. Mercury seems to be kinda girly.
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  6. SularGaming

    SularGaming New Member

    Dang, the keyboard and mouse look hella nice in white.
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