Monitors !!!

Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by hangersb, Jan 13, 2015.

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  1. hangersb

    hangersb New Member

    I am think Some Nice monitors :)
  2. teachtape

    teachtape New Member

  3. SkyweregamingNL

    SkyweregamingNL Active Member

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  4. Starscrream

    Starscrream New Member

    What we need.. are some Razer monitors...
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  5. teachtape

    teachtape New Member

    Very good point!! :)
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  6. RAzERorDIE

    RAzERorDIE New Member

    Damn straight razer monitors would be awesome
  7. MrBrowKnee

    MrBrowKnee Member

    Hell Yeah! Time we got some Razer monitors made for gamers like with 1ms response time and maybe even a curved monitor :eek: but thats just gimicky really
  8. Buffalufacus

    Buffalufacus New Member

    I have an Asus 248qe monitor and i love it. 24" 144hz refresh 1080p speakers ( which I don't use) and has the ability to be upgraded for nvidias new gsync. About a year ago I paid $250 for it, now it may be cheaper
  9. Heero

    Heero New Member

    lol razer monitors...BenQ makes really nice ones, and as said above me, theyre made for gaming
  10. rayven1lk

    rayven1lk Member

    Yeah I wonder when Razer are gonna unleash their line of monitors on us lol
  11. placebyteCyan078

    placebyteCyan078 New Member

    Razer should definitely come out with a line of gaming monitors.
  12. try to get monitor that have 1ms
  13. Whitezoneradio408

    Whitezoneradio408 New Member

  14. ShuaJa

    ShuaJa New Member

    a curved razer gaming monitor would be a sweet creation~ you can see more and feel more immersed in your gaming experience =) would love to see this happen!! =D
  15. This monitor looks amazing!
  16. swiftsly

    swiftsly New Member

  17. Mattyirvine4

    Mattyirvine4 New Member

  18. Sweet-Chini

    Sweet-Chini New Member

    Is there any difference between 2ms and 1ms?
    I'm planning to buy this one BenQ 24" Monitor
  19. Mattyirvine4

    Mattyirvine4 New Member

    not really yeah theres one 5ms-7ms but anything under 5ms if worth ti
  20. PIxel_Point

    PIxel_Point New Member

    I really hope they make some. Would make my day :3
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