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Mouse lighting no longer turns off when monitors do

Discussion in 'Razer Synapse 3 Beta' started by klepp0906, Sep 23, 2019.

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  1. klepp0906

    klepp0906 Member

    So i tried the turn off lighting when displays are off option and the turn off after xxx time option.

    Both used to work fine. Now my keyboard still turns off at the proper setting, but the mouse stays lit up.

    Anyone seen this or have any ideas regarding a resolution?
  2. klepp0906

    klepp0906 Member

    1 month bump. still trying to fix. razer things.
  3. klepp0906

    klepp0906 Member

    well, i got it working. had to purge synapse and delete/recreate profiles.

    never in my life have i seen a software that practically requires manually purgings over time lol.

    No idea if the profile switcher even functions at this point - stopped trying way back when.

    The one thing it didnt fix, on startup/boot the razer central menu pops up. Even though i have splash screen off, and the tray set to open to synapse, for some reason the central window pops up, then disappears on its own.

    go figure. Its a new one, so i imagine it started with some update that was pushed recently. #razerthings.
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