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Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by LInds1872, Jul 20, 2022.

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  1. LInds1872

    LInds1872 New Member


    I have a Razer Basilisk Ultimate Mouse. When using the mouse and scrolling, the scroll wheel spins fine. However, when scrolling on the screen it will randomly scroll backward to the intended direction. I believe it might be a sensor issue on the mouse scroll wheel most likely as a result of dirt/dust. Is there any way to easily clean the scroll wheel sensor, or safely disassemble the mouse to fix this? Or otherwise are there any alternative reasons for why this may happen.

    Thank you for any replies/help.
  2. I have the exact same issue, my Razer Viper (RZ01-0255, wired) has been working fine, minus the occasional no-clicks from my left button, however, just recently, the scroll wheel has become an issue.

    When I scroll down, at a certain point, the scroll stops and skips and almost seems like it goes up one scroll then back down, interrupting the scroll (seriously hope that made sense). Its quick but very noticeable.

    I have updated firmware, all Windows updates are done, Synapse 3 is all updated, the mouse is plugged in directly to the computer. I mean, is it just getting old? Have I worn out the scroll? Like I said, its very recent when this happened. Oh, and its when I scroll on anything. Windows Explorer, Edge, PDFs, etc.
  3. mini2109

    mini2109 Member

    It is possible that dust is deposited in the center around the whell.
    Here, the only thing that can be done, I think, is to disassemble the mouse and clean it from the inside - I don't know what the warranty then - and the sliders will probably need to be replaced.
  4. no_5moking

    no_5moking New Member

    Yep. Mine just started doing this too. On a webpage for example, when I scroll down at a consistent speed, the page will randomly bounce back up a step or two, then go back down. SUPER annoying.
    Updated the firmware, tried it with synapse closed.. messed with the scroll weights -/+ (going super heavy disguises it slightly, but it's still there.)

    I'm out of warranty this year coincidentally xD
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