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Multiple Monitors for Razer Blade 14

Discussion in 'Systems' started by rickbalwani, Jan 19, 2015.

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  1. funPeachsleek157

    funPeachsleek157 New Member

    Hey guys - I have been loving my Razer Blade 2014 for a few months now, and have it connected via HDMI to a single samsung monitor for a while. I was wondering if it is anyway possible to have the Blade hooked up to two monitors (not mirrored).. I only really care to use the actual laptop screen on the go, but would love to be able to close the laptop and have the desktop extended across 2 monitors.

    Any tips on how to achieve this if possible?

  2. I do not have a Razer Blade 2014 but doing some research I see there is only one HDMI port for other displays, but I think that's okay. You could probably get a USB to HDMI cable and use the USB port (next to the HDMI port) to output to the second monitor you wish to display information to. I'm not 100% sure this will work but I assume it would.
  3. Lycheeee

    Lycheeee Member

    I've never tried it myself (I have the Razer Blade 2013), but you could try what @Prodyle said and use the USB 3.0 ports to add another monitor.

    See here: USB to HDMI Adapter

    I think you could probably use the USB 3.0 to add an external Video Card... But I can't find any links at the moment..
  4. ProudSikh

    ProudSikh Member

    I wouldnt do USB to anything video. The adapters in theory shouldn't work and I know a bunch of friends who have gotten them for them to only be completely shit or barely able to drive a browser on a 1080p monitor
  5. funPeachsleek157

    funPeachsleek157 New Member

    Thanks for the tips! Would kill to have a dual monitor setup, but It needs to be legit. I'll look into usb 3.0 to hdmi, but as ProudSikh said, I am pretty skeptical about those being a functional 2nd monitor.. i'll do some research and post back.
  6. Lycheeee

    Lycheeee Member

    Use your blade as the first monitor and your external as your second? haha xD
  7. funPeachsleek157

    funPeachsleek157 New Member

  8. Jan2k5_no_id

    Jan2k5_no_id New Member

    Was wondering if you managed to get to work?
    I also wanted to use a dual monitor setup.
  9. okonietoperza

    okonietoperza Active Member

    We're using lenovo USB "station" at work. It has 2 video outputs and requires USB3.0. However the video stutters so it's only good for work, not for gaming,
  10. Thannis86

    Thannis86 Active Member

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