My Art Concept of Deathstalker V2

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by IniAfi, Dec 17, 2016.

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  1. IniAfi

    IniAfi Member

    Hello o_O
    so here i'm. My first Razer product and Keyboard, was. The Razer Deathstalker Essential. I really, really love it. i doing anything with it. The design is the most thing i loved.

    Following my previous Thread about my ideas about Bringing the Deathstalker V2, who you can find it here

    I don't know if the Razer would see my thread here. i just loved The Deathstalker, and i express it with this concept i've made.

    There it is :D
    DSv2-01.jpg DSv2-02.jpg DSv2-03.jpg DSv2-04.jpg


    1a. New Form factor housing for efficiency of space. The Deathstalker has wide housing, it's kinda space wasting, you need a wider table for your setup if you own Deathstalker. I looked back the new Razer Ornata housing design. it's minimalistic and sturdy. so, i try to redesign the Deathstalker with smaller housing and try not to break it's original concept.

    1b. Deathstalker are chicklet keyboard, as similiar as laptop keyboard. With the new Razer mechanical switch for low-ultra key profile. i personally hopes, they made another Deathstalker with their new switch. Maybe,
    it will comes with Tournament edition too. ultra thin gaming keyboard TKL version, the portability level is over 99999 !! :D

    1c. The new Indicator bar. I looked back again the new Razer Ornata keyboard. the new indicator bar is great. i think, they would use it for their next keyboard series. and i hope again, it's the Deathstalker v.2 :D

    1d. most favourite feature for Deathstalker. the wrist rest. The Deathstalker has rubber textured wrist rest, which is nice for anything. i love that. and Once again, i looked back Razer Ornata. The comfy wrist west is the point of the product, beside the mecha membrane thing. I redesign the Deathstalker with new comfy wrist rest, it's detachable from it's place. i will discuss it more in the next picture


    2a. The solid keyboard feat. The feat same as the Deathstalker, no changes. i changed the positition a bit follow my new housing design.

    2b. Cable routing. following the Blackwidow X and Ornata. latest Razer keyboard has cable routing, which is nice for cable management and clean gaming set.

    2c. Rubber feat. to keep the keyboard won't falling or slip from it's original position, still the same as
    Deathstalker, it shaped following my new housing design.


    3a. Comfy wrist rest

    3b. Mechanical low profile keys

    3c. Indicator Bar

    3d. Rubber feat

    3e. Lighting line. I Added some touch on this one. a simply side line like the Razer Mamba and Diamondback chroma the side lighting so gorgeous. i think, it would be pretty if we added it into our new Deathstalker v.2 :D

    4a. Replaceable wrist rest. i design the wrist rest not the solid wrist rest who attached in their case.
    it. So, it has container, so we can replace it and clean the wrist rest. simple right ? but, i think it's necessary, to keep our gaming peripherals clean.

    4b. Wrist rest.


    Thank you for comes by my Thread, this is simply my contribution as a part of the community. i Love Razer, i love the communities.

    If you want to discuss the design and concept, write on :D
    i loved if you getting involved too with giving me a feedback
  2. ItsHerobrine

    ItsHerobrine Active Member

    Looks cool! Maybe have the wrist rest detachable?
  3. RazerReviews

    RazerReviews Member

    looks great but could we get a tournement edition to, would love it if they had one.
  4. ARMOR_152

    ARMOR_152 Well-Known Member

    He did already, section 1d.
    He did already, section 1b.

    Nice concept. I'm hoping Razer comes out with new keyboards soon too. You'd make a good mechanical drafter/designer or project engineer. It looks like you modeled it already. :)
  5. IniAfi

    IniAfi Member

    it's not completely detachable. I just make the wrist pad removable, just in case you want to clean it.

    Q : why you did not make it detachable like the Ornata ?
    A : the chicklet keyboard was found in every laptop, and you had a wristrest in your laptop(i don't know the name, it's between the trackpad). So as a natural behavior of usage the chicklet keyboard, it MUST be a wrist rest. so, option not to make it detachable is right for everyone i guess ;)

    I loved to upload it later, yesterday i focused on the fullsize design. it's seems you interested too for the Tournament Edtion design :D

    I'll upload it soon, stay tune ;)

    Thanks for answering some question, appreciate it :)

    I hope so, as they founded the low profile mechanical switches. It would be nice if the low profile mechanical keyboard join the mainstream mechanical keyboard community. i still can't do 3D modelling right now :slightly_sad: , i just made it in 2D. i made it as detailed as possible.
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