My Clash team parts ways with Chris

Discussion in 'League of Legends Talk' started by meliodes00, May 4, 2022.

  1. meliodes00

    meliodes00 New Member

    After losing both clash tournaments this weekend and having an entire day to collect our thoughts, my team and I came to the solid conclusion that today, we will part ways with Chris, our jungler.

    This man will not gank to save a life and would much rather powerfarm on shit like Jarvan, he sucks at securing smites on major objectives seeing as we somehow donated 7 barons and 4 elders in total, he’s extremely toxic and is quick to blame others on obvious mistakes that are completely on him, he decided to go afk before the 2nd minute in the finals we somehow managed to reach on Sunday because the enemy Shaco support stole his first buff, he unironically likes Amumu and wishes the best for him, and worse of all, he’s never willing to play Karthus.

    That being said, from this point on Chris will be a free agent for any Tier 3 teams out there in NA.

    As we continue to finalize our offseason for the next clash, I will probably keep you guys updated on further announcements on just how much Chris fucking sucks in the coming days. Thank you for your patience and support ❤️
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