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My Gaming Pros and Cons

Discussion in 'Game Talk' started by EmmaJemX, Apr 24, 2017.

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  1. EmmaJemX

    EmmaJemX New Member

    Hi there! My name is Emma Jem, and today I will be sharing with you my Pros and Cons for gaming!

    Good Things:
    1. It's so addictive! Once you game, you will never go back!
    2. I love it when I find a game with amazing graphics!
    3. Multiplayer is where most of my friends have come from
    4. Competition, what is gaming if you don't have a little fierce competition?
    5. You have an excuse to do anything but homework!

    Bad Things:
    1. When your PC can't handle those top graphics...
    2. Internet Connection goes and you're in the middle of a great game!!!
    3. Noobs... Even if you are one yourself :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
    4. Servers get full!
    5. Your Parents learn how to play too... SOS

    Share in the comments some of your gaming Pros and Cons and I will read as many as I can.
    I will also be picking some to feature in a Youtube video (Youtube Link on Profile), so what are you waiting for?

    My name is Emma Jem,
    Keep Smiling!
  2. Katana_x_II7

    Katana_x_II7 Well-Known Member

    My pros and cons would probably be

    1. Amazing way to hang out with friends when they live far away. Can just chill and chat and play some games together.
    2. A way to escape this world, and get into other beautiful worlds and stories.
    3. Stories that are way more immersive then books or movies, because you arent just reading or watching the story play out...you are in the story, and sometimes get to choose what story you want for yourself

    1. Some of the gaming communities are super salty for really dumb reasons and it gets annoying a lot of the time
    2. When other players troll or throw games on purpose
    3. Cheaters...people who lag switch, ddos, etc. just to win games ruins the fun for everyone
  3. greatking0527

    greatking0527 Active Member


    Pros: gaming is life
    Cons: sleep
  4. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    For me it would be the following:

    1. I met my husband gaming
    2. The friends I've made
    3. Immersive stories that can take me to so many places and push my imagination
    4. Relaxing - even a game that is hard or requires intense skill is more relaxing for me than many other activities
    5. After my kids grew up it was still the perfect way to spend time together and something we look forward to

    1. Toxic players / communities
    2. Can lose track of time a little too easily
    3. Is sometimes my escape when I don't want to have to deal with draining negative people in the "real world"
    4. Lack of physical activity
    5. Causes me to sometimes forget to eat
  5. keeevin112

    keeevin112 New Member

    The best of gaming: competitive let you learn and improve
    The worst of gaming: toxic people and when your parents don't understand why online games can't be stopped until the end of match xD
  6. Cpt_Disappointment

    Cpt_Disappointment Well-Known Member

    My pros would be:

    - Meet new people and learn about their culture
    " put tank in a mall u suka blyat " - everyone
    Some people are actually nice. Kudos to all of u out there
    - It gives my life a break. Especially when im stressful or feeling down
    - It can train you to handle difficult decision within limited given time

    My cons:

    - It's expensive. It might be not for u if u come from developed countries. But buying pc and games, and bills cost blood and sweat here
    - It's addictive that it can turn me lazy. And prevent me from doing anything else
    - idk what else
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