my Kraken Pro V2 don't produce sound and the microphone don't work

Discussion in 'Audio' started by Jek14, Aug 23, 2018.

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  1. Jek14

    Jek14 New Member

    Hello, I just purchased a razer kraken pro v2 headset (Brand new)
    I connected the 2 jacks correctly I restarted my pc so that it is detected but it is not detected by razer surround and when I test it via the application "sound" of windows it does not produce any sound and the microphone does not detect anything

    I'm on Windows 10

    Can you help me, please?
  2. TheReal0ne

    TheReal0ne New Member

    i have simular issues with the same headset too, bought less than a month ago, so if any advice please post

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  3. eNtryTF2

    eNtryTF2 New Member

    The only thing that comes to mind is the little switch on the cord itself. You have the option to block out sound completely or make it as loud as can be. Underneath that is a switch that disables and enables the microphone. It could be disabled.
  4. TheReal0ne

    TheReal0ne New Member

    My microphone is not disabled, it is very very very quiet for some reason. My headphones if used on the pc have much better sensitivity and higner volume when i use it on the pc than the kraken pro v2
  5. eNtryTF2

    eNtryTF2 New Member

    I'm not sure then. It must be something with the headphones itself.
  6. DabaronDaFox

    DabaronDaFox Member

    For the microphone volume try making your volume louder in the windows settings

    And for Razer surround it doesn't detect headphones, because you can use Razer surround with any pair of headphones if you feel like it. There is a setting you can to to calibrate it. It must be a problem with your computer and how it is reading the sound. What ports have you plugged the headset in to. (if using a desktop) It is way more easy to plug them in to the front of the computer and go find them in your settings.
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  7. TheReal0ne

    TheReal0ne New Member

    my mic volume is always on 100%, its not an issue with the windows settings, i wanted to know whether the people who own the same headset have felt that the microphone is not so sensitive or it is just my headset?
  8. DabaronDaFox

    DabaronDaFox Member

    How are you seeing your microphone is not sensitive?
  9. TheReal0ne

    TheReal0ne New Member

    in like every communication program that exists?
    I have a less than 5$ headset that have a very very sensitive microphone, just the sound is far from decent on the drivers
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