My Razer raiju never rumble in-Games on PC & Usb wire problem

Discussion in 'Console Peripherals' started by Sirisio, Dec 27, 2019.

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  1. Sirisio

    Sirisio New Member

    Hi everyone,

    I already read 2 quicks threads (1 & 2 ) from people looking for rumble while playing with the original Razer RAIJU on pc,
    after updating the firmware of the controller from :
    the Razer Raiju Support . and I used this .exe
    Then I updated the controller driver on this link but nothing help.
    I was looking for fix and I did not wanted to Up the thread @anders_w so I was just looking regularly if drivers update fix the problem.
    I also unistall completely drivers for fresh reinstall but I only get rumble when I customize the Multi-function bumpers.

    So I created the thread for being noticed if a few come out one day.

    I also got a problem with the USB cable.
    The whole cable is braided but at one spot the cable isn't malleable anymore, it became really hard and I am afraid that is because heat or a short circuit. I have no idear why it is happening so I have to cut the meshing because the cable started to bend too much.
    Please tell me if that's happends to you too.

    I love playing with this controller beacause it was a good one (especially for responsiveness for Fighting games and the sustainability of analogic sticks), those few problems aren't dreadfull but i hope i could keep it as long as possible and Enjoy rumble in game one day.

    Please Give me your feedback,
    May the Force be with you guys.

    Sirisio 42QI
Thread Status:
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