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My Razer Surround Pro and EQ settings for all

Discussion in 'Audio' started by DamianSicks, Mar 11, 2018.


Would you like to be able to save MULTIPLE user created EQ settings in the Razer Surround App?

  1. YES! 1 user created spot limits me from saving different EQ presets for different situations!

  2. NO! I am fine with using just the presets provided and have no need for more then 1 custom EQ

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  3. SURE! but I would also like the ability to download and use presets created by the Razer community

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  1. DamianSicks

    DamianSicks New Member

    I have recently been trying some of the EQ settings and stuff other users have posted over the years and I wanted to share mine because I found most of them to be lacking especially when it came to Movies which these days is pretty much the same sound quality and Frequency range you will find in most games. Please keep in mind that I am using a set of Hyper X Cloud 2's (with the Cloud 's 7.1 emulator button always turned off) so results may vary from headset to headset BUT I did use these settings with the Kraken before mine broke so I can only vouch for those.

    First thing, and I notice most people skip this part, is to calibrate the 7.1 surround settings to the best of your ability because it makes a BIG difference when its tuned to your ears and not just left on default.

    Next up is ENHANCEMENTS tab:
    Stereo Enhancement is up to you, I personally don't hear a big difference but in some games it helps so that's your choice.

    BASS BOOST: This is always a touchy topic. More bass does not always mean better sound. Yes it's cool to hear explosions and feel the beat in a kick-a$$ song but you have to remember that you have a tiny speaker (driver) next to each ear and not a subwoofer so be careful when adjusting levels so you don't blow your drivers. I have my Bass Boost set to 60 or 70 depending on the game or video, this gives it a good amount of extra "oomph" without causing the sound to distort or drown out the other frequencies. I suggest you lower these settings even more when listening to music because it can really muddy certain songs.

    SOUND NORMALIZATION: This is more for VOIP or gaming but I set mine to 10 just to play it safe but the difference in sound levels adds a lot of character to Movies especially so I suggest you play around with the levels to suit your taste and use this only if you really need too.

    VOICE CLARITY: This should be used for VOIP in games ONLY. This really isn't designed to enhance every audio source that has voice in it. It should be used to help make communicating over a headset mic when you have all that background noise and such while playing a game.

    EQ: (Once again please remember to be careful applying different EQ's to headsets because what sounds great on one set could blow out the speakers on another set!)
    125Hz: 7
    250Hz: 2
    500Hz: -2
    1kHz: 0
    2kHz: 1
    4kHz: 3
    8kHz: 4
    16kHz: 6

    Well that's all! Let me know what you guys think if you happen to try my settings. I would love to know how it works on different brands and models of headphones. I'm always open to suggestions and I hope this helped at least one person out there!

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