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Mystery: 4 months old razer Phone fried by a high quality 3rd party charger??

Discussion in 'Mobile' started by UnveiledThrone, Apr 30, 2019.

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  1. UnveiledThrone

    UnveiledThrone New Member

    Hello everyone so, i have been trying to figure this one out for a month now... While at our PAX East 2019 hotel, my friend managed to fry my new Razer Phone when he plugged it into his Satechi 75W Dual Type-C charger. He said it didn't seem to be charging his iPad Pro, so while i was in the shower, (i used my phone right before i got into the shower, it worked as expected, with a full charge) he plugged my phone into the 60W Power deliver port his iPad Pro used to see if it charges it. Unfortunately, i forgot if it actually charged or not. Got out the shower, got dressed, didn't get on my phone. 10-15 mins later, i pull out my phone to check stuff and it's totally dead! It had a 100% charge before i got in the shower. Nothing works; chargers, button combos, you name it. I RMA it to Razer and they said the main board is basically fried. Friend and starting to think it was not exactly his fault due to my cable i used a few times, but that couldn't possibly be the case. I'm just tryin to get him to pay for the damages without things getting too serious, but i'm not sure how i can get it through to him, without it turning into a legal battle.

    TL;DR; Friend's charger fried my Razer Phone, i need to know if there is anything i can use to prove it was his stuff that damaged my phone and that he is liable, since he used my phone in his charger without my permission. Never delt with this before, so... i'm not really fully sure what to do... so, here i am.
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  2. Razer.RedPanda

    Razer.RedPanda Guardian of the Forest Staff Member

    Hi there! It would be difficult to prove that it was his charger that fried your phone but for reference, you can check the official specs for the Razer Phone Charger here.
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  3. DanaEN123

    DanaEN123 New Member

    I would look up the spec's on the charger for the iPad pro... Alot of those devices iPads in general have chargers that put out a higher voltage and even more so for a rapid charge ... When charging, most devices will only take the current they NEED but VOLTAGE is Force Fed to a device weather it needs it or not and will fry it...
  4. maxxzno1

    maxxzno1 New Member

    iPad Pro uses 18W PD charger, that wouldn't do nothing harmful to your phone. 60W charger could Macbook charger, not iPad one.

    Even so, I highly doubt that normal 61W charger would fry your phone logic board alone, because standard Apple MacBoom charger can fallback to 12 or 27W charging with 5V/2.4A or 9V/3A. Your phone wouldn't be able to draw 61W from the charger, at best the logic around charging would take max. 12W with phone and charger controlling.

    What could probably happened is that your phone connector was wet, or your phone was damaged with liquid sometime ago, this might not manifest right away, but could be the fatal flaw that let this happened.
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