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Naga Epic 2012 illumination

Discussion in 'Mice and Surfaces' started by Theinvoker78, Dec 1, 2020.

  1. Theinvoker78

    Theinvoker78 New Member

    I was still using this mouse because of its ergonomics that fits my hand very well. I recenlty bought Naga Pro too and it's nice even if a bit larger

    I would like to keep my Naga Epic too. I have 2 Naga Epic each one with some issues

    I won't explain every issue, i just want to know if there is a way to fix illumination on this mouse. The strange thing is that it's not completely broken but it's very weird. Let's say i want to change color or effect....this happens after 4-5 minutes i changed settings on synapse.
    But the most important thing is that the mouse doesn't blink red anymore when the battery is low

    The other one has OK illumination but a bad sensor (plus some minor issues on scrollwheel and side panel) and i think both things are on the main motherboard so i don't think i can put together a mouse without problems
  2. Let me give you some words, even if they are of little help. While a bad sensor may have a difficult solution, illumination efects may be resored cleaning the Synapse software. On the other hand, I read somewhere in Razer support pages that Synapse can't handle two Racer devices if they are the same model. So I would the Epic with the bad sensor an try repair or remove an re-install Synapse, even trying with a new user account so the profiles don't mess up.
  3. Theinvoker78

    Theinvoker78 New Member

    do you think RGB chip is in the same board of the sensor? it's the biggest one but we have also a small one where power cable goes in and then one top and one side but i don't think it's in these ones.

    Unfortunately i don't think that reinstalling software would help, also because the other one is ok, so why should Naga1 be ok and Naga2 not if they are both controlled by the same software?

    I actually could use 2 naga epic at the same time but they had to have different connections: one was wireless and the other one wired.
  4. I'd also have litte hope, but reinstalling the software is one of the few things you can do on your own to try to solve your problem. Since Razer support states that you shouln't plug 2 same devices in the same computer, I wouldn't do it. Synapse can make a mess with them.
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