Naga Epic Chroma Issues?

Discussion in 'Mice and Surfaces' started by Shogeki007, Apr 7, 2016.

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  1. Shogeki007

    Shogeki007 New Member

    Just wondering if anyone else has had this odd issue or if it's just me.

    Let me explain. I have quite a bit of razer gear and this is ONLY one thats given me issues. The issue is that when I try to use the naga as a normal mouse (left, right and scroll wheel clicks) everything is ok. The instant I try to use the grid buttons it disconnects for 10 ~ 15 seconds. I got this mouse as I tend to play a LOT of mmo's. I've already returned it to the place of purchase once and the same issue persists. I've tried different cables, moved the receiver further away from the mouse. I've even tried it on a different PC altogether.

    Not sure why this happening, I really want to like this mouse. But if I can't get it resolved, I may have to get G600 =/.

    Any and all assistance would be GREATLY appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. BenchTHv

    BenchTHv New Member

    I returned my Naga Epic Chroma already 3 times now. The most recent one is in the process of being exchanged.

    The Issue I have is that after almost exactly 12 months of usage, the mouse wheel starts to jump.
    When I scroll down it scrolls up a little which is super annoying.

    What's probably the worst about this is that this issue is known since 2014 (old naga epic) and still hasn't been fixed.

    Here you can see the part that is causing this:

    The same part is also used in the new Naga Chroma.

    Fixing this would save Razer a lot of money.

    The issue you describe sounds like a faulty device or something is interfering with the receiver, because I get disconnects when it's near my wireless headset receiver.
    They don't like each other :/
  3. Shogeki007

    Shogeki007 New Member

    Could be that the other wireless devices around are interfering, but by pressing the grid buttons only this happens. Like I said, all other buttons work fine when on wireless.
  4. BenchTHv

    BenchTHv New Member

    What happens when you use it via cable? Same issue?
  5. Shogeki007

    Shogeki007 New Member

    Actually, no. But, I did move some USB devices around...seems to be playing nice on usb 2 for now... time will tell. Thanks for the assist though. Its much appreciated!
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