Naga X Sensor Deadzone Problem and More

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by Martin_DAYI, Apr 7, 2021.


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  1. Martin_DAYI

    Martin_DAYI New Member

    Hi, I would like to share a sensor problem about the Razer Naga X and try to give some constructive criticism about other issues on this mouse.

    1st) Sensor. Mouse has a terrible deadzone problem, if you move the mouse slow enough. I've been using gaming mice since 2008, and I have never experienced this kind of deadzone problem. This occurs while moving the mouse very slowly. I tried to use different computer, reset mouse, install/uninstall synapse, use different mouse mats but none of them really helped. Problem is very severe if you select the smart tracking option and set the tracking distance to 2mms. I had only thought this problem only existed on laser sensors which I still own, but experiencing this much deadzone and very slow speed deceleration is really disappointing for a gaming mice from 2021. I can't precisely select the excel cells' corners, selecting small text letters, or very precise sniper adjustments.

    Also, Naga X has angle snapping. Especially at low speeds. I am sure because I compared it with a lot of mice in paint. In the synapse 3 software, there isn't any optiion to enable or disable. Or add custom mouse pad (just smart tracking).
    For fast movements and big swipes, I think mouse is good, but still has minor angle snapping.
    I hope to solve this issue Razer releases a firmware update to basically eliminate deadzone problem and also switch off the angle snapping.
    I think some companies use these kind of filters to reduce lift off side effects, but I would really like to see an option in the firmware.

    2nd) Computer speed. When I plug the mouse in, it makes my computer slower in specific programs. (I think single core programs). I might upload a video for this problem in the future. This does not happen with other gaming mice with 1000Hz polling rate before.

    3rd) Side buttons. While the mechanical side buttons are very great compared to other MMO mice, I experienced a problem. While releasing the side buttons, it causes to multi clicks/registers. This happens on all 12 customizable buttons. I experience this problem while using a hold skill and a bit tentative about releasing, so when I'm gradually releasing the button, it causes multi registration issues. Also, while swiping really fast, I tend to click side buttons. I think G600's side buttons are better in this regard but using them for a long time is harder and makes my hand to get tired faster. Also, I think there needs to be identifiers on some keys, it's been 3 weeks and I still can't completely use the side keys to full potential.

    4th) Middle click. The scroll steps are not clearly defined, and I can't understand why a MMO mice does not have side scroll feature. Almost all the MMO mouse has extra buttons except from the left side. Anyways, for holding the middle click, I need to apply more pressure. While clicking is not problem, but for holding the middle click, I need to apply constant force. Because while releasing, it stops registering before the "click"

    5th) 2nd Gen Optical Mouse Switches. I like innovation. I think the pre and post travel needs to be reduced, because I cannot reach very high click per second rates as normal switches. Also, I have experienced double click, yes, they are definitely here. But I'm almost sure that it is because of the Synapse software. Just when the double click happens, my CPU usage kind of drops.
    But the main problem is that when moving the mouse forward and backward, in very fast swipes I tend to click the mouse. I didn't have this problem on other mice.(Except in G600, while swping right and backwarsd there is unintentional 3rd click) I think the force is a bit low to click. Clicking the mouse feels great actually, but I think these areas can be improved in the future.

    6th) Design. Design is subjective, but I think there are a lot of areas that can be improved. Right side pinkie rest needs to better, longer in my opinion. I have bigger hands and this design it causes my pinkie to curve more and cause cramps. The supports goes almost all the way forward in G600.
    Also, my ring finger just a little bit gets under the right click.
    The outer shell causes my hands to sweat more and feels cheap compared to coatings some other brands make.
    Weight is good. Lighter the better. For G600, weight and sensor got a bit old, for higher level gameplay or productivity.
    Also there needs to be a lot of more buttons for other fingers on the mouse. I use this mouse for productivity and even 1 more button on the right would be appreciated.
    RGB is great, the fade on/off effects are good and audio peak meter option is very great. I tuned it very precisely and it works like a VU meter which is fun option. However, everytime I lock and unlock computer there is noticable lightining effect switch which starts to get annoying.

    Skatez are good, but a right-side skate addition would be better. Especially in the cloth pads, it starts to scratch while swiping mouse to the right.

    That's all at the moment, I think hardware/design can be more professional in the future Nagas. Also, I hope software and sensor issues gets fixed via software updates, otherwise this mouse would be very disappointing for people who select fine details on documents, technical drawings or play games require precision fire such as sniper etc.
    Also amateur video of me explaining some of these issues:
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