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Name Your Dream Esports Game You'd Be a Pro For

Discussion in 'Contests and Giveaways' started by Dekades, Dec 7, 2019.

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  1. omgwtfomg

    omgwtfomg New Member

    Dota 2 coupled with Razer DeathAdder for that sweet mouse action!
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  2. daotpeke

    daotpeke New Member

    I'd want to be a pro gamer for dark souls with a trusty DeathAdder and blackwidow. Seeing how rolling is the name of the game, it will be a battle of will and endurance, ofcourse I've been training myself everyday for 2 years with 100squats, 100 pushups, 100 situps and 10 KM runs just to prepare myself for when that day comes.
    (PS: I haven't gone bald yet)
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  3. iStinger

    iStinger Well-Known Member

    I prefer FPS so I would choose Counter Strike Global Offensive. The gear I would definitely get is the Razer Viper based on how lightweight and quick the response is.
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  4. thanneybits

    thanneybits New Member

    If I were to be a pro gamer, I would love to play Apex Legends professionaly along with my trusty Razer Lancehead Tournament Edition. I rarely see people talk about this mouse, a bit underrated but will always be the perfect mouse for me.
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  5. rhox_

    rhox_ New Member

    Ski free.

    I'd definitely need a Razer Blade Pro 17 with the 240hz display to make sure I'm getting maximum frames to outrun the yeti.
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  6. slowxhands

    slowxhands New Member

    I know I have 0.001% chance I would love to have one. since this year is very rough for me. planned upgrade but didn't happen so I'm just hoping to win so I can upgrade one of my pherips.
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  7. ramezshazly

    ramezshazly New Member

    I have literally been playing CS since i was a little kid.
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  8. Lexylexis

    Lexylexis New Member

    I like to be a League of Legends Pro Player and have Razer Huntsman and Razer DeathAdder both ELITE to be my arsenal.
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  9. IsaacN44

    IsaacN44 New Member

    League of Legends

    All I need is my trusty Deathadder and Huntsman by my side.
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  10. elitefall

    elitefall New Member

    Definitely either Overwatch or a Destiny game. I absolutely love shooter games. And i’d have to pick the Razed Huntsman Elite.
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  11. ammothinkPlum613

    ammothinkPlum613 New Member

    i would do fortnite because Ez money and i would want the razer viper ultimate because everything is amazing
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    I'll probably use Razer Huntsman Elite since I wanna be a superior one HAHAHA, and I surely can calculate winning in eSports using the speed of light hidden formula of such item!
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  13. Easyshot.x2

    Easyshot.x2 New Member

    Rainbow six siege, love the action and team gameplay, still rocking Razer abbyss mouse, bought it when mouse came out i think it's time for upgrade.
    Merry Christmas from Lithuania
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  14. guilleroach

    guilleroach New Member

    League of legends for sure

    i will use a nice razer viper to get the high carry dps

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  15. Battlefield V would have to be my go too for where I actually feel competitive. I think my age is starting to show whenever I play the twitchy FPS games these days
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  16. ilgar_

    ilgar_ New Member

    Dota 2 and I would have huntsman and a viper because I'm sure they won't fail me in a game that requires speed.
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  17. I would play Age of Empires II DE on the Razer Blade 15"
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  18. jason091287

    jason091287 New Member

    Dota 2! About 8000 hours logged!
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  19. CraZeePlayZ

    CraZeePlayZ New Member

    Probably CS:GO for me, and a Razer Viper Ultimate to help me aim as well as I can.
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