Name Your Dream Esports Game You'd Be a Pro For

Discussion in 'Contests and Giveaways' started by Dekades, Dec 7, 2019.

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    SGTPIMMS New Member

    Apex legends pro,
    and the Razer viper ultimate

    glhf everyone!
  2. Baris4hin

    Baris4hin New Member

  3. ZeroConflict

    ZeroConflict New Member

    I bet the Razer Basilisk X HyperSpeed could give me all the APM I need to master any APM Hearthstone deck. Hell, I could probably even become a professional Starcraft player with that mouse.
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  4. IceNaito

    IceNaito New Member

    Hearthstone,cuz im a lazy person xD

    i would use my deathadder elite for the sick card drops "card drops" "skrillex plays"
  5. nyanlin

    nyanlin New Member

    League of Legends with a Quartz Razer Basilisk
  6. Diesuke

    Diesuke New Member

    I would love to be part of a pro team of league of legends and as for my arsenal i think the blackwidow is enough partnered with deathadder since im familiar using both of them
  7. msnyxx

    msnyxx New Member

    Definitely WoW with a Razr Naga. Mine broke about a month ago and I miss it.
  8. Kerky46

    Kerky46 New Member

    I've played cs go for quite some years now so it would have to be CS:GO and I would love to use a Viper that I'm gonna win on thus giveaway
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  9. World of Warcraft all the way, it's my childhood, it saved my life so in order to honour that I mastered the game:D other is League of Legends which can be kind of hard but still, I can manage. One of my other favourite games is Alice: Madness Returns which trailer was released on my birthday, I have played it on every difficulty. 10/10 would recommend! I had a Razer Lachesis 56000 dpi back then, and I really miss it so I am looking for something similar. Maybe Death Adder would be a great choice as it's really comfy for my small hands.
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  10. netsoe

    netsoe New Member

    Currently, I'm good at the Dota 2 and I do believe I could have chance to get higher win rate for the medal with this mouse
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  11. Snowbeasts

    Snowbeasts New Member

    I would probably go pro in rainbow six siege. I just love how competitive it is and I just love the game so much that I bought it twice (PC and PS4). I have over 1000h in it and if I had to go pro it would be for navi, g2.
  12. frog335

    frog335 New Member

    for me Dota 2 there are endless possibilities in every patch the gameplay changes. it is competitive and also was featured as a medal match in the recent SEA Games in the Philippines. razer viper would be nice to have or huntsman elite....
  13. Dino_Green

    Dino_Green New Member

    Terraria. For this game I think, I should have keyboard blackwidow elite. Because when you kill bosses in Terraria you need to press many buttons on keyboard.
  14. Mantra0112

    Mantra0112 New Member

    World of Warcraft with my Naga for all the extra macro buttons
  15. Sushiroll404

    Sushiroll404 New Member

    I would rock it out on World of Warcraft ranked arenas with the Razer Naga!
  16. chnch0

    chnch0 New Member

    Dota 2 no doubt!
  17. karkeris

    karkeris New Member

    I'd be pro at Adult Websites simulator. And would choose Razer deathadder elite for the *fast clicks*.
  18. Jevnaker

    Jevnaker New Member

    Probably the latest captain Price game.
  19. JoannaYunn

    JoannaYunn New Member

    Probably League of Legends since I mostly play that.
    Gear isn't everything when you're playing league, it's mostly skill, but a nice razer huntsman kayboard would do wonders. Sadly I can only keep dreaming, I'm a noob after all haha!
  20. bytetoolsFolly702

    bytetoolsFolly702 New Member

    I’ll definitely wish I could be a pro gamer on DOTA 2 and I suppose I would need a Razer Huntsman to click away on the keyboard
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