Name Your Dream Esports Game You'd Be a Pro For

Discussion in 'Contests and Giveaways' started by Dekades, Dec 7, 2019.

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  1. imCuTTa

    imCuTTa New Member

    I would go for CSGO! I’m in the lucky position of coaching teams of young boys and girls, and I would love to have the chance of playing it for a living! Thanks bruuuhs
  2. andrester7

    andrester7 Active Member

    I would be a Pro in Forza Motorsport!
  3. southwind

    southwind New Member

    I like competitive League of Legends or Dota and play with huntsman elite keyboard, razer viper , kraken tournament edition headset
  4. ferrafox

    ferrafox New Member

    Not the most competitive games out there but I managed to reach Diamond in Teamfight Tactics and Legend in Hearthstone. A new Viper wouldn't be necessary for these games but it might make me suck less at FPS games!
  5. Manyakgus

    Manyakgus New Member

    If I would choose a game to go pro it would probably be Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. Even though sometimes this game makes me angry because of the problems that it still has, I have almost 2000 hours in it and I couldn't have met some of my friends if I wouldn't decide to buy this game at the start of 2016.

    A lot of good memories and laughs and it's a game that I feel I am getting really good at with every season. Also I wouldn't change for anything my Deathadder Elite that feels great in hand and resisted through all my traveling. A Razer Kraken headset would come in handy if I chose to go pro in Siege because sound means a lot and you need a comfy headset with a good microphone for a long day of ranked with yelling at your teammates.
  6. I would totally want to be a pro in Modern Warfare.
    But I think my heart truly desires for me to be a Minecraft esports pro, after spending thousands of hours pvping on server I would be amazed for this to actually happen.
    I would want a Razer Huntsman Elite, I need a fast keyboard for all my movement and inputs.
  7. 100Lives

    100Lives New Member

    Wii Sports
  8. jarreI

    jarreI New Member

    Probably the Pinball game that’s installed in a lot of old computers. “Space cadet” 3D Pinball was one of the first PC games I could and knew how to play. Almost every opportunity I had in grade and middle school to hop on a computer, I would play that and get the high score on a different computer. No matter how old the computer was, all that mattered was skills and the 2 buttons you need to press on the keyboard.
  9. KennethAparente30

    KennethAparente30 New Member

    [QUOTE="Listeria, post: 51004

    For this year's Advent Calendar, Insider is hosting a giveaway.

    Reply to the thread by answering this question: If you could be a pro gamer for any game, which game would it be and which Razer product would you have in your arsenal? Winner will be chosen at random from participants who reply to this thread.

    A lucky winner will be chosen at the end of the month and receive a Razer Viper mouse and autographed box by Taco from MiBR.

    Personally, I would be the Cookie Clicker Catastrophe with my trusty Naga to bend macros to my will, muahahaha!

    Overwatch League Pro would be okay, too. The Basilisk Ultimate would be my sidearm for such a dream job, even though I'm gold at best in comp :sweat_smile:

    Lastly, ridiculous, outlandish and super creative responses may get your Razer Silver. So let's hear 'em, Insiders!

    Terms and conditions apply. Shout out to Team Razer and TACOCS for the love.[/QUOTE]
  10. KennethAparente30

    KennethAparente30 New Member

    League of legends ❤️
  11. Sharraxarry

    Sharraxarry New Member

    I guess it'd be nice to be a League of Legends pro, and, well, I'd be using a Basilisk mouse.
  12. Sengiratolom

    Sengiratolom New Member

    Paperboy Gameboy Rom
  13. Big_Fat_Dynamo

    Big_Fat_Dynamo New Member

    I'd be crushing some CSGO with my trusty ole deathadder.
  14. LurkingShpere5

    LurkingShpere5 New Member

    A Zelda tournament ( however that would work) would be awesome that's one of my favorite games I've played since I was little either that or God of war
  15. TheGamingCave

    TheGamingCave New Member

    Minecraft Hunger Games

    I would like the razer viper to have fast reaction times and to play other online games :)
  16. FakeKuroky

    FakeKuroky New Member

    Id like to be a dota 2 pro player ofc. A blackwidow chroma and death adder pls.
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  17. Dukyys

    Dukyys New Member

    Minecraft with a beautiful Deathadder Elite :smirk:
  18. danielk1n

    danielk1n New Member

    Quake 3 Arena. Was playing it for years.

    I wish Quake Champions didn't have such a small player base and so little support from the developers.
  19. Muffinpickle

    Muffinpickle New Member

    I mean... given enough time I think I could get really good at the dinosaur infinite scroller that google loads when your connection to the internet is interrupted...

    And Peggle maybe? Might not be born for competitive but *man* I feel relaxed after playing Peggle for a bit.

    As for gear... so far my Naga mouse, Blackwidow keyboard and Nari headset are up the the high bar set by the above games so not sure where further I'd go... though wouldn't say no to a Nommo Pro speaker set.

    ... I play Heroes of the Storm too... but not sure becoming a pro in *any* MOBA would be good for my self-esteem.
  20. JmAs1991

    JmAs1991 New Member

    Dota 2 with my Deathadder Elite because it's finger-gripping good!
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