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Nari Essential Crackling

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by Axilos, Mar 10, 2020.

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  1. Axilos

    Axilos New Member

    Yes, I know these posts have been done, but I have read all of them, none bring me useful information.
    Here I will provide all my feedback on it the issue so that developers may hopefully solve it.

    Cracking issue:
    On certain conditions, the sound in the headset start crackling.
    It slows down the game or the audio-related content.

    System specification
    • Win x64
    • 2 others Razers device plugged (Death adder elite, Death Stalker)
    • Razer Synapse v3.5.11 installed and running
    • Enabling THX Spatial audio is no factor on the issue.
    Razer support attempt
    I started experiencing crackling day 1 after buying my headset. Contacting directly the support provided nothing since I do not reside on the US soil, they basically asked me to go elsewhere with my questions and feedback...


    From my exp, the crackling sound only happened in some specific conditions:

    1. Running YouTube over a network browser
    2. Running games having spatialized noise (RS Siege, COD MW, Hitman 2)
    3. When explosion sound happened (any game)
    4. Using some specific communication SW: Discord, Mumble, TS

    Important note: the crackling not only pause the noise as if sound was lagging but it also SLOWS DOWN THE GAME: important framerates drops happen all the time, I literally can’t play RS Siege anymore! This is especially visible when I perform the following procedure:

    • Start a YouTube video over loud speakers
    • Go into windows/sound option and switch “main device” to the THX Spatial synapse
    • This either crash the YouTube video (infinite loading) or pause it for at least 5~10 seconds
    I am 100% sure it is because of the device/driver because performing the previous procedure on loudspeakers doesn’t do anything (plus I tested it with my previous headset -Steelseries- and none of the following issue happened).

    Condition where the cracking doesn’t happen:

    • Overwatch
    • Divinity O. Sin 2
    • Any indie game (without THX or spatialized noise) (Autonaut, Oxygen not inc., Rimworld...)
    • Listening to music over network browser
    • Specific communication SW: Skype
    Solving attempts:
    1. Rebooting
    2. Reinstalling
    3. Removing all folders and previous Synapse installation
    4. Removing all register folders of Razer and THX
    5. Unplugging other Razer devices
    6. Changing USB plug (2.0/3.0)
    7. Switching between wireless/wired mode
      1. (Sometime attenuate the issue but very sparsely ?)
    Customer unsatisfaction
    Now this is a technical issue ok, we all have one with hardware. What I am not happy with is that I have been sold a headset for a “not so cheap” price (around $100) which wasn’t mentioned to be “in beta” or in trial period or something… However, surprise was total when I discovered that the Synapse Software/middleware/driver for this hardware is actually mentioned “beta”… This is NOT OK from a customer point of view.

    I am buying your headset, if the driver of the headset is still in beta, it should be mentioned somewhere on the box… When I am spending money on hardware, I am expecting it work fine and without any trouble… I should not discover back home that I would be “beta-testing” your components.
  2. Razer.Caziel

    Razer.Caziel I am the Lightbringer Staff Member

    While I appreciate the level of detail you've poured into the thread, I need to clarify a couple of things. 1 - The headset drivers are not in a trial period and they are already signed by Microsoft to properly run on Windows 10. 2 - Synapse is not necessary for the headset to function normally. Although the app is tagged to be in the Beta phase, most if not all of the features involving the headset can be considered complete.

    Anyways, you mentioned that you reached out to our Support Team before and received unsatisfactory treatment. Please allow me to review the ticket. That way, I can get a better understanding of what transpired during the interaction and take necessary action. Please PM me the case number and help me help you.
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