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Nari ult. keeps disconnecting

Discussion in 'Audio' started by gagecrawford, Nov 22, 2020.

  1. gagecrawford

    gagecrawford New Member

    So i had a nari ult for 10 months with no problem. Than my headset kept disconnecting and it got to a point a month later i contacted support and after like 3 hours they sent me a new one. Literally 2 weeks later with the new one my headset keeps disconnecting. I have snpanse 2 removed. Ive removed 3 and reinstalled it. This is a super annoying problem since i play a completive game that replys on sound and since they keep randomly turning off i keep doing and losing.
  2. Hooduk

    Hooduk New Member

    Just started to have the same problem after only 2 months, looks like a faulty dongle or something, contacted support and hope they can fix this
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