Nari Ultimate audio feedback loop

Discussion in 'Audio' started by autoMidnightsite887, Feb 21, 2021.

  1. autoMidnightsite887

    autoMidnightsite887 New Member

    I just received my Nari Ultimate headset earlier and while I enjoy the THX sound and the really cool haptics my headset is completely useless as a gaming headset using the retractable microphone for communication.

    My microphone has to be essentially muted while playing games with chat features or I get a massive audio feedback loop. It does it both with game and chat audio. If the headset audio level is anywhere above, I would say, 30% total capable volume, the microphone will pickup the sound coming from the headset pieces and quickly begin a feedback loop that won't stop until I mute the microphone. Even sitting at my desk without any sound going at all I can tap my mic with my finger and will hear the high pitched squealing echo after tapping the microphone. My older Corsair Void can have the volume cranked and even with the microphone volume at 100 it's microphone picks up no noise at all.

    I've checked all of my audio settings and made sure 'listen to this device' settings are not enabled.

    Anyone else experience and or fix this issue?
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