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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by brightgamer, Oct 7, 2019.

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  1. brightgamer

    brightgamer New Member

    So, I had both the original Nari Ultimate and not the Nari Ultimate for Xbox. Personally, I love the haptic feedback for both playing video games and music. The headset fits great and does not make my ear or the area around them sweat after hours of use. But my biggest issue with both versions has been the mic. On the original version the mic was so sensitive that it picked up every, and I mean every little noise I made even if I was rubbing my pants with my hand it picked that up. So, I when I saw this one come out specifically for the Xbox I was certain they would fix the mic problem. But it's worse for the completely opposite reason. The mic sensitivity is so low that I have to put in on my lips and still talk fairly loud in order for anyone to hear me talk. Oh and also currently it does not work with Synapse 3 (razer PC software) so you can't even adjust things like the mic sensitivity, EQ setting, etc.
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  2. awesomeOPAL564

    awesomeOPAL564 New Member

    Yeah, me too same thing with the nari ultimate for xbox one
    The mic is very low, sometimes good sometimes bad
    Something for fix it other than send them back?
    because the audio is great in my opinion but the mic...
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  3. Bomber84

    Bomber84 New Member

    Same problem here !!! Razer will not answer for this... They never solved raju problems... The best thing to do is return them back.
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