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Nari Ultimate Mic Issue fixed

Discussion in 'Audio' started by Asada_Sinon, Nov 22, 2018.

  1. OscarDavid

    OscarDavid New Member

    I have the same problem in Discord, I can not raise much volume or THX activated the mic is activated and everyone listens to the game, in the same way when I click (membrane) the truth is heard very good mic but I think it has a too high sencibility and everything is heard, try to lower the microphone perception nothing works, medium what works is to lower the main sound

  2. I have the same problem,just help.
  3. Gertrude74

    Gertrude74 New Member

  4. SaulsaDip

    SaulsaDip New Member

    I have the regular Nari and my friends on Discord can hear everything on my PC unless I have my headphones volume low, don't know how to fix this I was wondering getting the Ultimate but I don't know anymore with this thread lol
  5. mehollapeeps

    mehollapeeps New Member

    i had the same problem too after the update. Went to the synapse app , under the mic option just add a profile and it worked for me.
  6. My Razer Nari Ultimate mic keeps detecting my audio. This is whenever I'm using discord. For example, if I'm watching a video or playing a game and I'm in a discord call my friends can hear my audio. Please help I've tried everything I could. From setting everything to default, deleting razer sydnaps, decreasing my mic volume very low, to the point of returning it on amazon and getting another one. Help :disappointed_relieved:. Its really annoying.
  7. Stratoviper

    Stratoviper New Member

    I've updated the firmware to 1.5 and seems to be working better.
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  8. tehuu

    tehuu New Member

    I have the same problem - RAZER will you say something about this? Or should I send your 200 dollars headphones back to store?
  9. darevandy

    darevandy New Member

    For whatever it is worth I have the Nari's, just the plain ones, not Ultimate. I looked through and followed most "solutions" on this thread, but nothing worked. It wasn't until @Stratoviper said they updated the firmware that I did a quick google for the update. First came across a few posts that were unhelpful then I came across Razer's update page here https://support.razer.com/articles/1663355991. Did the updated, restarted my computer and bam, they worked. I did also take the advise of someone else on this thread and change the quality to DVD, makes a big difference.
  10. Got the same weird issue with mic on windows 10. Everything is up to date, I've unboxed my newly bought Nari Ultimate's, set them up, tested with discord - everything worked. Then few hours later when I turned Nari on again my mic was not working at all! Discord could not record anything, windows recorder also. Found this out while trying to test this mic on messenger call with my friend. I did try to fix it with all this thread suggestions but nothing worked. Even second profile didn't. I felt beaten and went to sleep.

    Next day woke up, plugged them back in, turned on- same story. Mic not working. Opened Synapse 3 while testing mic on discord and tried to increase mic volume from 75 to higher and boom- it started to work! I immediately felt in discord some noices as I was recording my own breathing, lowered don mic vol to 75 and it's still working.

    This is crazy but seems like Razer is unable to fix this bug in synapse 3 which is causing all those issues. I imagine it's not the case while using on other system like PS4 or Switch. Very dissapointed in this software but at least not turning back my Naris.
  11. I think I'm just going to return them. This is ridiculous...
  12. Had the same exact feeling but after I turned off all enhancement, boosted mic level to 100 on synapse 3 my mic is flawless in Discord. This software ruins great Razer hardware. And on top of that I cannot upgrade firmware of my Nari's because my dongle is not recognized in the firmware updater :)
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    SUPERMECHM500 New Member

    I think I fixed my mic when changing bitrate to 1c 16b 48khz, thanks.
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  14. Egnatius

    Egnatius New Member

  15. Egnatius

    Egnatius New Member


    Firmware updated.
  16. johnnyblu84

    johnnyblu84 New Member

    Yeah I have this same issue, cant figure out how to not have the headphone audio be picked up by the mic, I tried to go to the support links posted but it seems the Razer website is going through issues too.

    I wish there is a fix at some point

    Update: I was able to get the 15. firmware file but when I try and do the update, the update button never lets me push it to start only the cancel button.
    Last edited: Jul 7, 2020
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  17. i3igi3oss

    i3igi3oss New Member

    I don't think that firmware is supported for the Razer Nari Ultimate headset, but it is for the other variants.

    I am still having an issue with the mic picking up my game/music audio regardless of the HyperSense technology turned on/off.

    Also, when I come home after work and power my Razer Nari Ultimate back on, I wait for it to connect, but when I switch around the profiles in the Synapse application, it doesn't seem to implement the various EQs I have set (switching through various EQs is no longer distinguishable). After a restart of the PC, it seems to function again (switching through different EQs is clearly distinguishable). I've tried solely restarting the Synapse 3 application, but that alone doesn't seem to alleviate the issue.

    This also seems to tie in with the mic - for example, during a discord call someone will let me know my mic now sounds different (again after first powering the headset back on after coming home from work so the EQs are also not working at this time) - Then after a PC restart and confirmation that I am able to get Synapse EQ profiles to work again by testing them, the headset mic clarity comes back as well (however, there is still the same issue of picking up audio from the headset itself).

    I really like this headset solely because of the immersion and sense of bass due to the HyperSense technology (it doesn't feel gimmicky as I thought it would) - it seems to recreate the vibration sensation and feel of bass that my audiophile headphones + amp did, so it seems like a cheaper great alternative to that, but only if I'm not replacing it's built in mic with a desktop mic.

    If the mic issue regarding the headset audio bleeding into the mic can be fixed, then I'd be extremely happy with this purchase and would highly recommend to friends and family. However in this current state, I feel horrible referring people to this product as a good "gaming headset" while knowing one of the core components of a headset is the mic, which in this case is useless (and even nonfunctional) to the point where customers are looking for alternatives to the mic alone.

    Is there a firmware update in the works for the Razer Nari Ultimate or is there another headset coming out from you guys that will polish off these issues soon? I would really appreciate some insight from Razer regarding this, because I'm on the fence about returning these if a better one is coming out that will fix these issues, but the HyperSense technology in this headset is making me not want to return it yet and making me have hope for firmware update/Synapse fix - I really don't think I should have to buy an external mic to go along a $200 gaming headset to have average mic functionality.
  18. jsimancas

    jsimancas New Member

    I have the mic problem where all my friends can hear everything I hear, this happens on ps4 and windows 10 gaming, talking in zoom, etc.

    I have the Nari Ultimate and I dont find any link to get a firmware upgrade.

    You can test this by testing the mic in zoom or skype, it will record for a short time, you can play some music and talk while testing. In the result I get my voice and the music (should get only my voice)

    It is really dissapointing this issue with a $200 headset

    Any solution?
  19. Inflexius

    Inflexius New Member

    I got the Nari roughly over a month now and it very disturbing that my friends can hear my game or my music.
    I tried getting the firmware updater found on this page: https://support.razer.com/articles/1663355991
    I tried all the versions, however I keep getting stuck on the first step. The dongle is not recognized by my computer despite the different USB ports I've tried :frown_:.

    I have tried running the "Nari Dongle Recovery Tool" (found on: https://support.razer.com/articles/1588406641)
    and then running the firmware update after that but still no luck.
    This is really stupid, with all due respect, we shouldn't have to pay $200 for a headset with a broken mic.
    And on top of that an update arrives that might "fix" this but due to the firmware not detecting my dongle I cannot even try this possible "fix"...

    I would not expect this from Razer as I have been a fan of their products, my desk is filled with Razer stuff..o_O:frown_:
  20. jerovick

    jerovick New Member

    [QUOTE = "Fuzms, publicación: 488075, miembro: 2743"] Para mí, una actualización de firmware resolvió todo mi problema. Tuve que enviar un correo electrónico al soporte técnico para obtener el firmware. V14r4 es mi firmware actual. [/ QUOTE]
    muchas gracias si funciono :D al fin despues de meses
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