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Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by MrAlexeuh, Sep 5, 2020.

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  1. MrAlexeuh

    MrAlexeuh New Member

    Hey, I've met a problem that happen after few months of use of my Nari Ultimate,
    He worked perfectly but now he cannot connect to the USB dongle with the pairing utility,
    He just fail everytime with the dongle being disconnected for a sec and just reconnecting after that,
    I've already contacted the Razer Support but they couldn't resolve the problem and sended me a new one,
    And the same thing happened after a few months (what an coincidence) so I'm pretty sure the problem come from my computer but I don't know where ?
    I tried all the USB port with my other devices and they just all works perfectly, same thing with the headset he works on my others computers
    I've updated all my drivers so I like have not even one clue of where the problem is from,
    And actually he works (sometimes) when I do an USB port russian roulette (but it's not one chance out of six)
    When paired he can works for the day when the computer isn't turned off or just few minutes or hours

    So If someone can guess where this problem is from an help will be very appreciated,
    I couldn't find someone with the same issue but if by miracle you who's reading this met the same one as me and got rid of it, save me.
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    HANHAIYAO New Member

    same problem here. But I donot think the problem cames from other parts of pc but the headset itself.TRY LET RAZER DO FIRMWARE UPDATE(S).
  3. MyAcer21

    MyAcer21 New Member

    same issue here cant connect at all or when i do connect it kicks the headset out after 10 to 20 minutes it started happening after doing an update trying to figure out how to roll back the update so i can use my headset again
  4. were you able to roll back if so
    how could i do that as well.
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