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Discussion in 'Console Peripherals' started by coregmrconman, Jul 13, 2018.

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  1. coregmrconman

    coregmrconman New Member

    Hey, I am a longtime user of Razer products. It started with the Blackwidow and Onza. Unlike a lot of people here, I use my Razer products because most of them fit my needs for my disability. I have Arthrogryposis and it limits my joint and muscle function. My left hand cannot reach the left trigger or LB. When typing, I need the least resistance to push the keys. The Blackwidow accomplished that and the Onza was the first controller I could use fluidly because of the programmable buttons.

    Now I have a Wildcat and I love the thing. Unfortunately, the USB cable has a short in it. Most would just turn to a mouse and keyboard or another controller to play. I simply can't play my video games. For someone with a disability, video games are an escape from the everyday struggle. I guess that's for most people...

    I contacted tech support and they told me my controller was out of warranty, which is probably correct. I remember getting the Wildcat when it first came out as a gift. And as I found out, as many of you did, no ordinary USB cable will fit into the Wildcat. It is a proprietary cable. So my controller could not be replaced.

    Next, I offered to buy a USB cable from them, expecting a little markup. Yet they have no cables and no access to any USB cable.

    I am lost. If I could buy a Wolverine, I would, but I can't at this time. And I don't see that in my budget in the future. I find it frustrating that a controller's detachable cable cannot be replaced when so many things can happen to a cable. We wouldn't throw our phones out if the charging cable broke.

    So here I am, asking for Razer's help on the forums. I need a helper.
  2. ChiefNieth

    ChiefNieth Active Member

    My best bet would be try checking eBay / Amazon every week or so. Not sure what else to say.
  3. coregmrconman

    coregmrconman New Member

    I just found a cord for the Raiju on eBay from China. It was $17, so I went ahead and ordered it. Hopefully, the seller knows what they are talking about. It'll be here in early August.
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