need confirmation: is project linda for Razer Phone 2 only?

Discussion in 'Mobile' started by XastielMuffinz, Apr 4, 2018.

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  1. XastielMuffinz

    XastielMuffinz New Member

    so i keep hearing this rumor that razer phone apparently dont have the hardware to make Project Linda a reality, therefore Project Linda will be released (supposedly) this september WITH Razer Phone 2.

    does this means that our Razer Phone (1) wont work with Project Linda? and that we have to buy the Razer Phone 2 for it? i mean. i'm not really surprised if it is. its a typical tech company tactics to force people to ditch their 1 year old phone and upgrade to the new version (im looking at you apple) but i actually bought Razer Phone despite all the warnings, all the bad review, all the goddamn late updates because i believe in the company. (esp with the costumer friendly CEO)

    so can i (we) have a confirmation about whether this is true or not? cause honestly. if this is true. i'd rather sell my Razphone and wait for Razer Phone 2 instead.
  2. XastielMuffinz

    XastielMuffinz New Member

    well i guess its better safe than sorry
  3. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    That’s only project that has no eta, you’ll be waiting forever. Though they use original Razer Phone to show it in some event, so if it comes I think it would support also Razer Phone 1st gen (owner Razer Phone Hope;))
  4. BlutigEisbar

    BlutigEisbar Active Member

    Since the phone is USB type C it actually supports docking stations already and can do a lot of what project Linda did without the full firmware set. With that being said I would hope for an upgraded chip and a upgrade to x86 emulation by launch which would mean it would be exclusive to Razer Phone 2 when/if it comes out
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