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Discussion in 'Razer Synapse 3 Beta' started by AddictedtoLeague, Feb 16, 2022.

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    This is a recommendation to solve a problem i face right now.
    If agree with me or have this issue, please like the post so that it may reach razer.

    Problem: Some games require too many buttons because of their many in-game actions. Most of those actions need to be performed while being able to move, so the actions' keys have to be close to the keys used for movement. The FN key, allows the use of the hypershift function which can easily solve the problem. BUT, the FN is out of reach, especially when playing games that use WASD for movement.

    Although you can make macros on synapse 3, you CANT:
    1. Create a macro which activates by pressing a combination of keys e.g. CTRL + 1.
    2. You cant remap the FN key, as it doesnt actually send a signal to your computer.

    The FN key is hard wired there from what i know. So its stuck at that position. I think most people dont like that position, and for sure it doesnt bring focus to its functionality. So much so that I bought a 200 dollar keyboard, and i didnt know what it does for like a year or more.

    1. Put the FN key in a different possition in future keyboards (e.g. next to TAB), closer to the wasd keys, as most gamers use the left part of their keyboards more, and the FN key is more accessible to more users that way.
    2. Allow us to make macros which activate by pressing more than one keys e.g. pressing CTRL + 1 could type the word "macro1". This way, it allows us to use the CTRL as a modifier, instead of the FN key

    Extra things to prove my point:
    Next to the FN key are the least used keys ever, apart from the ins, home, page up and down keys
    Allowing to create macros by pressing just two keys, would allow a gamer having e.g. 5 keys close to their hand, to have about 15 different combinations, which correspond to 15 different actions performed in-game.
    Gamers use the left side of their keyboard for:
    1. All fps games e.g. csgo,fortnite,apex,minecraft and many many more
    2. League of legends
    3. World of Warcraft
    4. Fighting games like Tekken
    5. Football games
    6. Racing games + GTA

    More info about my specific problem:
    I play RLCraft 2.9, which has so many actions, that you literally cant use only the letters of your keyboard. I am forced to just not bind many actions, and even bind some actions to keys like ",", "." and "/". This game is modded minecraft. So i have to move with wasd and mouse. And everything is super dangerous so i must always be ready to run for my life. So letting my hand off my mouse, or wasd, to press FN + *something* is suicide. But pressing "," is also out of the question since i can barely reach it but what can i do?... So basically i am forced to play my game with many of my needed actions, unbinded. Heck i have bounded things on my numpad and activate them by letting my hand off my mouse cause i literally have no other choice. Its just that i rarely need to press those keys, but not never.
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